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(in date order)Jakarta slum trash

"Health Care Waste Management." Presentations by Dr. Lahbib Chibani and Dr. Jorge Emmanuel, Sadat International, Inc. Washington, DC. May 1, 2008.

"Health & Environmental Conditions of Urban Live Markets and Slaughter Facilities & Management of Livestock Wastes in Cities." Presentations by Michael White, Waste Engineer, Environmental Specialist, and John Marlow, Livestock Processing Expert. Washington, DC. February 27, 2008

"Waste Picking and Recycling: Gender and Social Inclusion." Presentations by Bharati Chaturvedi and Sonia Maria Dias. Washington, DC. October 2, 2007.

"The World's Scavengers: Salvaging for Sustainable Consumption and Production." Presentation by Martin Medina. Washington, DC. July 26, 2007.

"China Solid Waste Activities Workshop." April 26, 2007.

"Landfill Gas Capture: Project design vs. Actual performance and the future for CDM Projects." April 19, 2007.

"Disaster Debris Workshop." Various speakers. Washington, DC. April 18, 2007.

"Solid Waste Portfolio." Presentation by Sandra Cointreau, World Bank. Washington, DC. February 2007.

"Private Sector Participation." Presentation by Sandra Cointreau, World Bank. Washington, DC. February, 2007.

"Global Solid Waste Data Collection and Holistic Decision Model." Presenters from USEPA-Raleigh Durham, RTI, and Nippon Koei Co (Japan), Washington, DC, February 22, 2007.

"Animal Waste Management." Presentation by Sandra Cointreau, World Bank. Washington, DC. September 2006.

"Solid Waste Landfill Learning Day." Various speakers. Washington, DC. May 8, 2006.

"Urban Learning Week: Solid Waste Learning Day, Various speakers. Washington, DC. March 23, 2006.

"Sustainable Solid Waste Management." Presentation by Sandra Cointreau, World Bank, via live webcast, February 2006.

"Solid Waste Primers and Lessons Learned from Bank Projects." Various speakers. Washington, DC. March 7, 2005.

"Solid Waste Outsourcing." Speaker: Constance Hornig. Washington, DC. January 12, 2005.*

"Solid Waste Outsourcing: An Interview with Constance Hornig, Esq." Washington, DC. January 12, 2005.*

"Number and Types of Landfill Gas Plants Worldwide and the Problems with Landfill Gas Recovery." Speaker: Hans Willumsen, Washington, DC. November 18, 2004.*

" Landfill Gas Recovery: An Interview with Hans Willumsen." Washington, DC. November 2004.*

"Capacity Building for Metropolitan Management in India." Speakers: K.C. Shrivaramakrishnan. Washington, DC. June 5, 2002. For more information on the Metropolitan Governance Series click here.*

"Actors, Powers and Accountability: Implementation and Effects of Decentralized Environmental Management in Africa." Speakers: Dr. Jesse Ribot, Washington, DC, September 20, 2001.*

"A Total Solution for Waste Handling and Solid Waste Management." Speakers: John Bolden, Bill Debord, Mike Devine. Washington, DC. March 15, 2001.*

"Overview of Strategic Planning Guide for Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries." Speaker: Carl Bartone. Washington, DC. February 14, 2001.*

"Waste Not a City." Global Links Television documentary series (looks at urban solid waste problems and private citizens' efforts in Ghana to improve waste collection and management). 1997.

"Privatization of Solid Waste Management." This is a Bank guidance film on private sector involvement in solid waste management. 1997.

*Denotes links to presentations given at the World Bank on Solid Waste Management issues, sponsored by the World Bank Institute.

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