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BBL: Urban Agriculture

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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More cities and national governments are using urban agriculture as part of their strategy to combat the global food crisis. Sierra Leone's Operation "Feed the Nation" involves youth in urban agriculture production and related enterprise development. The Sri Lankan government is renewing the use of agricultural land within cities. Lima, Porto Novo, Amman and Beijing have also adopted urban agriculture polices. The trend is growing fast.

At this BBL, Marielle Dubbeling , Training and Policy Advisor for the Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture & Food Security (RUAF), presented RUAF's work and highlighted possible areas for further exchange and collaboration with the World Bank.

RUAF - the international network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food security - works with over 40 cities and 10 countries in processes of capacity development, strategic planning and project implementation. The mission of the RUAF Foundation is "to contribute to urban poverty reduction, employment generation and food security and to stimulate participatory city governance and improved urban environmental management". RUAF is the lead organization championing urban agriculture and empowerment of local stakeholders such as urban farmers. For more information, visit the RUAF website.


Marielle Dubbeling,
RUAF, Training and Policy Advisor, Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture & Food Security
"Cities farming for the future"

Jessica Wurwarg,
Junior Professional Associate, World Bank
"Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Development, Poverty Alleviation and Food Security"


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