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BBL: Vulnerability Assessment Protocol - Climate Change and Infrastructure: An Engineer's perspective

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Engineers Canada, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, has developed an infrastructure assessment tool (“PIEVC Engineering Protocol”) that examines the engineering vulnerability of infrastructures to the effects of a changing climate. It was developed for climate change risk assessment of all types of infrastructure, and has gone through a thorough testing process in Canada. A wide cross section of Canadian experts contributed their knowledge and skill in its development.

The purpose of this BBL was for World Bank staff to learn more about Canada’s climate change infrastructure assessment initiative and plans to develop the knowledge base and build capacity for newly developed and developing countries to undertake their own vulnerability assessments of infrastructure to future climate change impacts. The results will support local decisions on adapting their infrastructures to projected changes in climate.  Engineers Canada is facilitating this process internationally through its membership with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and as the Chair of its Standing Committee on Engineering and the Environment.

Darrel Danyluk is a distinguished civil engineer with over 30 years of consulting experience with Reid Crowther, eventually becoming the Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer. In 2001, he joined the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary as a Distinguished Industrial Visitor  and subsequently an advisor to the office of the Vice-President of Research and International, leading several high profile projects and alliances with municipal and non-government organizations.  His current leadership on environmental issues includes Chair of the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee examining the vulnerability of Canadian infrastructure to the impacts of a changing climate. Internationally he serves as Chair of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) Committee on Engineering and the Environment, which includes participation in the UN Commission on Sustainable Development as well as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

David J. Lapp is a professional engineer, registered in Ontario and presently works as Manager, Professional Practice with Engineers Canada and has been part of the Secretariat to the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board since 1997. His current work focuses on environment and sustainability issues as they relate to the practice of engineering. He has worked in the area of climate change adaptation and engineering since 2001. Responsibilities include the implementation of a 2004 engineer’s national action plan on climate change impact and adaptation, including a long-term project to evaluate the engineering vulnerability of public infrastructure to the impacts of climate change. Since 2007, David provides the Secretariat for the World Federation of Engineering Organizations Standing Committee on Engineering and the Environment, chaired by Engineers Canada.

Presentations by:

David J. Lapp, Manager, Professional Practice, Engineers Canada and Darrel Danyluk, Civil engineer, Engineers Canada

"Engineering Vulnerability of infrastructure to climate change in newly developed and developing countries"

"The Engineering Vulnerability Assessment Protocol - principles and application"


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