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Events: BBLs

BBLs (Brown Bag Lunches): these are informal meetings held at the World Bank over lunch on key topics of interest.

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Speaker(s)/ Organization/Department

2010January 19Measuring and Managing for Sustainable Cities  Chris Kennedy, Professor, University of Toronto
Ke Fang, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, EAP, World Bank
Atul Agrawal, Transport Specialist, SAR , World Bank
2009November 13A City-Based GHG Index Gaëll Mainguy, Executive Director, Scientific Publications, Institut Veolia Environnement
2009September 30Building Resililence to Climate Change for the Urban Poor David Dodman, International Institute for Environment and Development
2009May 7Vulnerability Assessment Protocol - Climate Change and Infrastructure: An Engineer's Perspective David J. Lapp, Manager, Professional Practice, Engineers Canada and Darrel Danyluk, Civil engineer, Engineers Canada
2009April 6UrbanLife Paul A. Oliver, Associate Director, ARUP Group
2009March 31Curitiba: Planning for Sustainability - An approach all cities can afford Cléver Ubiratan Teixeira de Almeida, President, Institute for Research and Urban Planning of Curitiba
2009February 4Energy and Climate Policy in New York, Paris and Shangai: Lessons for Developing Countries Dr. Stephen A. Hammer, Director, Urban Energy Program, Columbia University
Jeanene Mitchell, Research Associate, Urban Energy Program, Columbia University
2008November 20Role of Cities in Global Carbon Emissions and their Management Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal, Executive Director, Centre for Global Environment Research National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
2008October 7Urban Agriculture Marielle Dubbeling, Training and Policy Advisor, RUAF
2008June 24Composting of Organic Waste
2008June 9Atlantic County Wind Farm: A Sustainable Urban Solution Paul Gallagher, Vice President and General Counsel of the ACUA
2008June 5Counting Carbon: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Tools Missy Stults, Sr. Program Officer, Northeast, ICLEI
2008May 29Carbon Finance for Sustainable Air Quality Management Charles Peterson, Senior Environmental Specialist, FEU, World Bank
Paul Procee, Environmental Specialist, LCSEN, World Bank
Nat Pinnoi, Technical Specialist, ENVCF, World Bank
2008May 13Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Conservation: Relevance to Cities and Climate Change(no presentation made) Glen T. Prickett, Senior Vice President, Conservation International
2008April 9Veolia Environmental Services and Landfill Gas Recovery Projects Gary Crawford, Vice President, Greenhouse Gas Department, Veolia Environmental Services
2008February 28Cities and Climate Change - what can the Bank do? 
2007October 25FYO8 Kick-off BBL Charles Peterson, Senior Environmental Specialist, FEU, World Bank
Dan Hoornweg, Senior Environmental Engineer, LCSUW, World Bank
Anthony G. Bigio, Senior Urban Specialist, MNSSD, World Bank

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