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Urban Life

BBL sponsored by the Urban Environment and Climate Change Thematic Group and EASUR

April 6, 2009
Room U3-415

Daniel Hoornweg
, Lead Urban Specialist, FEU

Paul A. Oliver
, Associate Director, Arup Group

About UrbanLife
UrbanLife is a series of interactive workshops, focused on the sustainable (re)development of urban areas. The objective is to collaboratively identify policies and projects for each city to pursue to achieve low carbon, low ecological footprints whilst ensuring accessibility, affordability and an acceptable quality of life.

Each workshop is held with a single city and explores in detail a single urban system, such as water or energy. The process is highly collaborative, involving multiple stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. UrbanLife is an initiative of Arup and the C40 group of cities.

The UrbanLife website can be accessed at:

Overview  PDF
UrbanLife letter   PDF

Paul A. Oliver mixes his earlier career in quantitative analysis with a passion for design and the arts, to view the world with an holistic, systems-thinking perspective. This perspective is influenced by his experience of working for various blue chip organisations throughout the world in different cultures, industry sectors and languages.

Paul established the World Economic Forum’s SlimCity initiative - a global city platform for senior public sector figures and senior private sector executives. He is an advisor to the World Bank and a peer reviewer of the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook.

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