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  A Comparison of the Draft Bankruptcy Laws of the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam
  Act on the Lease of Immovable Property for Commercial & Industrial Purposes
  Appendix - Insolvency and Social Protection: Employee Entitlements in the Event of Employer Insolvency
  Application of Insolvency Standards in the United States
  Argentina - Recreating the Investment Climate
  Argentina Corporate Restructuring Workshop (Presentation - English)
  Argentina: Creditor Rights and Enforcement
  Argentina: Seminario sobre Reestructuracion Empresaria
  Argentina: Seminario sobre Reestructuracion Empresaria (Presentation - Spanish)
  Argentina: Verificación De Créditos
  Bankruptcy Act (in Thai)
  Bankruptcy Legislation, Enforcement, and Enterprise Restructuring in Transition
  Bankruptcy Restructuring in India
  Brazilian Senate Approves New Bankruptcy Law
  Breve Reseña del Derecho Concursal en Costa Rica
  Brief Review and Commentary of the Bankruptcy Law in the Republic of Macedonia
  Building Effective Insolvency Systems
  Building Effective Insolvency Systems - PowerPoint Presentation
  Building Effective Insolvency Systems - Presentation (English)
  Building Effective Insolvency Systems: The Legal Framework
  Business and Financial Sector
  Civil & Commercial Code (in Thai)
  Code of Civil Procedure (in Thai)
  Community Interests: An Insolvency Objective in Transition Economies?
  Comparative Tax Treatment for Corporate Debt Restructurings: Aspects of Taxation for Creditors and Debtors
  Constitution (in English)
  Construyendo Sistemas Eficaces de Insolvencia - Presentation (Spanish)
  Corporate Rehabilitation: The Philippine Experience
  Country Report: Brazil
  Country Report: Cambodia
  Country Report: Chile
  Country Report: Colombia
  Country Report: Costa Rica
  Country Report: Croatia
  Country Report: Ecuador
  Country Report: Egypt
  Country Report: El Salvador
  Country Report: Estonia
  Country Report: Ethiopia
  Country Report: Finland
  Country Report: France
  Country Report: Germany
  Country Report: Honduras
  Country Report: Hungary
  Country Report: Italy
  Country Report: Jordon
  Country Report: Korea
  Country Report: Kyrgyz Republic
  Country Report: Latvia
  Country Report: Malaysia
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