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Trade Notes and Articles



August 2010Article: Prices vs Quantities in the Great Trade Collapse 
July 2010PREM Note 153: Can Carbon Labeling Be Developing Friendly? Recommendations on How to Improve Emerging Schemes (for internal use only) 
July 2010PREM Note 152: The Increasing Importance of Developing Countries in Trade in Services (for internal use only) 
July 2010

Country Case StudyOperating Costs of Trade-related Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Surveillance Activities in the Lao PDR 

June 2010

Country Case StudySanitary and Phytosanitary Measures - Enhancing agro-food trade in the Lao PDR

April 2010Article: The Increasing Importance of Developing Countries in Trade in Services, 
English version coming soon...  |  Russian version 
March 2010PREM Note 148: Export-led Growth v2.0 
December 2009PREM Note 146: Leveling or Mining the Playing Field? Implementation Problems of Carbon-Motivated Border Adjustment Taxes 
October 2009 PREM Note 144: The Pattern of Antidumping and other Types of Contingent Protection 
September 2009

PREM Note 143: Breaking into New Markets, Raising Quality, and Improving Services: Neglected Avenues for Export Diversification 

July 2009PREM Note 140: Managing Trade Policy During The Economic Crisis 
July 2009PREM Note 139: Trade-Related Policy Responses to the Crisis: A Stock Taking 
April 2009PREM Note 135: The Crisis Resilience of Services Trade 
April 2009PREM Note 134Achieving WTO Compliance for Special Economic Zones in Developing Countries 
April 2009PREM Note 133: Global Economic Crisis and Vertical Specialization in Developing Countries 
March  2009 Trade Note 37: Trade Protection: Incipient but Worrisome Trends,
March 2009Press Release: Protectionist Measures Show Worrisome Rise Since Beginning of Financial Crisis
August 2008 Trade Note 36: Has Product-Specific Aid for Trade Increased Exports? 
August 2008Trade Note 35: Barrier, Catalyst, or Distraction? - Standards, Competitiveness, and Africa’s Groundnut Exports to Europe,
July 2008  Trade Note 34: Global Food Price Crisis: Trade Policy Origins and Options
July 2008 Trade Note 33: The Doha Development Agenda: What's on the Table?
July 2007 Trade Note 32: Economic Partnership Agreements: Does Preferential Access of Non-LDC African Countries Increase?
June 2008PREM Note 120: Global Food Price Crisis - Trade Policy Options 
June 2008PREM Note 119: Global Food Price Crisis - Trade Policy Origins 
April 2007PREM Note 113: Access to Preshipment Export Finance 
April 2007Trade Note 31: Financial Services Liberalization and Trade Agreements in Latin America and the Caribbean
September 2006Trade Note 30: The Trade Note is currently being revised. Please review the updated Working Paper - WPS4044 -Export Promotion Agencies: What Works and What Does Not
September 2006Trade Note 29: Export Financing for SMEs: The Role of Factoring
September 2006Trade Note 28: Compensating Lost Revenue in Regional Trade Agreements
March  2006Trade Note 27: WTO’s DOHA Cotton Initiative: How will it Affect Developing Countries?
December 2005 Trade Note 26: Why Market Access is the Most Important of Agriculture’s ‘Three Pillars’ in the Doha Negotiations
September 2005Trade Note 25: Food Safety and Agricultural Health Standards and Developing Country Exports: Rethinking the Impacts and the Policy Agenda,
September 2005

Trade Note 24: Regional Trade Agreements and Development: Upside Potential and Downside Risks,

June 2005Trade Note 23: Agricultural Market Access: The Key to Doha Success,
May 2005Trade Note 22: WTO Accession: Lessons from Experience
May 2005Trade Note 21: The Value of Trade Preferences for Africa
February 2005 Trade Note 20: Tightening TRIPS: The Intellectual Property Provisions of Recent US Free Trade Agreements
November 2004Trade Note 19: Agricultural Negotiations: Recent Developments in the Doha Round
September 2004Trade Note 18: Mexican Corn: The Effects of NAFTA,
July 2004PREM Note 89Good practice in trade facilitation: lessons from Tunisia 
July 2004Trade Note 17: Market Access in Agriculture: Beyond the Blender,
July 2004Trade Note 16: Brazil versus US: Cotton Subsidies and Implications for Development,
May 2004Trade Note 15: Trade Facilitation: Ways WTO Disciplines Could Promote Development,
March 2004 Trade Note 14: Sugar Policies: Opportunity for Change
December 2003Trade Note 13: After Cancún: Continuation or Collapse?
September 2003Trade Note 11: Services in a Development Round
September 2003Trade Note 10: Cotton and Developing Countries: A Case Study in Policy Incoherence
September 2003Trade Note 9: Trade for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
September 2003Trade Note 8: Export Subsidies: Agricultural Policy Reform and Developing Countries
September 2003Trade Note 7: Domestic Support for Agriculture: Agricultural Policy Reform and Developing Countries
September 2003Trade Note 6: Market Access: Agricultural Policy Reform and Developing Countries
May 2003Trade Note 5: Implementing the Doha Mandate on TRIPS and Public Health
May 2003Trade Note 4: Rules of Origin in Free Trade Agreements
May 2003Trade Note 3: More Favorable Treatment of Developing Countries and the Doha Development Agenda
May 2003 Trade Note 2: From Singapore to Cancun: Investment
May 2003 Trade Note 1: World Bank Activities on Trade
September 2001PREM Note 56: Why have trade promotion organizations failed, and how can they be revitalized 
February 1999PREM Note 18: Managing Terms of Trade Volatility 
December 1998PREM Note 11: Export Processing Zones 
April 1998PREM Note 3Trade and the East Asian Crisis 

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