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The research program is an integral part of the Bank’s overall work program on trade, responding both to priority areas identified by client requests and operational demand from the World Bank country departments and networks.  The program also plays a role in identifying emerging or neglected issues that are important from a development perspective.

With considerable progress obtained on the reduction of tariffs, the new trade agenda is focusing on "second generation" and “behind the border” issues including trade issues such as services and investment liberalization, competition policies, trade facilitation and standards.  The most recent and substantial research programs dealing with standards and trade are summarized below:

orange square bullet Integrating Low Income Countries in South-South Trade through Appropriate Standards:  Most of the research and operational work in the standards and trade area has focused on OECD markets, while overlooking South-South trade. The World Bank through this research initiative aims to expand the dialogue on the standards practice, and on the challenges and opportunities that standards represent in the context of South-South trade. The initiative has been funded by the Government of the Netherlands and will be implemented during the period 2009-2011.

orange square bullet Challenges and Opportunities Associated with International Agro-Food Standards

orange square bullet Research Program on Trade Facilitation, Regulatory Reform and Standards

orange square bullet Africa Trade Standards Project

orange square bullet Other International Research Programs Outside of the Bank


Last updated on Dec 30, 2008

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