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Workshop on Smallholder Producers in Coordinated Supply-Chains

Workshop Program (pdf - 12k)


  • Dynamics of Agricultural Markets: The Trend Towards Integrated and Coordinated Supply Chains, John Lamb, ABT Associates
  • The Rapid Rise of Supermarkets in Developing Regions: Implications for Supply Chain Development, Tom Reardon, Michigan State University; Discussion Opener: Steven Jaffee, The World Bank
  • Agribusiness and Farm Development: Lessons From Countries in Transition, Jo Swinnen
    1. The Dynamics of Vertical Coordination in ECA Agri-food Chains: Implications for Policy and World Bank Operations
    2. Dynamics of Agri-food Supply Chains in Transition Countries: Implications for Development
  • Exclusion of Small Farmers from Coordinated Supply Chains: Market Failure, Policy Failure, or Just Economies of Scale?, Kees van der Meer, The World Bank
    1. Background paper
    2. Presentation
  • Regoverning Markets: Securing opportunities for small-scale producers in dynamic markets: What Are the Options?, Bill Vorley, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
    1. Background paper
    2. Presentation
Workshop Report (pdf - 39k)

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