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Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy

Begins:   Nov 07, 2007 15:00
Ends:   Nov 07, 2007 17:00

International Trade Department, the Transport Unit, PREM and SDN Networks
cordially invite you to a launch of a New Report and website, featuring a panel discussion of the report: Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy

With the advent of global supply chains, a new premium is being placed on the ability to move goods rapidly and reliably. Countries able to connect to the global logistics web have access to vast new markets; while those whose links are weak face the large and growing costs of exclusion.

The Logistics Performance Index (LPI), with its indicators, is the first comprehensive benchmarking tool that measures a country’s logistics performance along its supply chain. Based on a worldwide survey of global freight forwarders and express carriers, this first report details logistics performance in 150 countries.

The study shows that trade logistics, or the capacity to connect to international markets to ship goods, is critical for developing countries to improve their competitiveness, reap the benefits of globalization, and fight poverty more effectively in an increasingly integrated world. It identifies the factors and policies that explain the wide differences in logistics performance among countries at similar levels of development and aims to help countries identify challenges and opportunities to improve their logistics performance.

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