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Course on International Integration of Services Markets: Priorities for the Least Developed Countries

Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time: 09:30 am - 12:30 pm

Venue: World Bank Headquarters, Main Complex MC-C1-200

Description:  Drawing on studies of Zambia, Laos and other LDCs, this course demonstrates the profound development implications of international integration in services - encompassing cross border trade in road and air transport; consumption by foreigners of tourism services; foreign direct investment in banking, communication, and distribution; and temporary migration of doctors and teachers.  Managing this integration, however, is a major policy challenge.  The course shows how half-hearted liberalization in weak and inappropriate regulatory contexts has led to perverse results and undermined the case for further reform.  Furthermore, the failure to design and implement efficient policies to widen access to services is leading in some countries to a reversion to state capitalism and the use of inefficient instruments of “empowerment”.  The course identifies priorities for domestic reform and international engagement.

Target Audience: Country Economists, Infrastructure, Finance & Trade Specialists & Policymakers.


  • Boutheina Guermazi, Senior Regulatory Specialist, CITPO
  • Aaditya Mattoo, Lead Economist, DECRG-Trade
  • Charles Schlumberger, Senior Air Transport Specialist, ETWTR


  • Internal Audience - please register through the LMS
  • External Audience - by sending an email to Parivash Mehrdadi at

This  course was originally scheduled for June 19, 2008.

Maximum 30 participants, based on first come first served, thereafter on waiting list.

Coffee/cookies and Lunch will be provided

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