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Seminar on World Trade Indicator (WTI) 2008

Location:   Ministry of Trade, Jakarta
Begins:   Jul 15, 2008 12:30
Ends:   Jul 15, 2008 15:30


A new database and ranking tool by the World Bank shows that in 2007 most countries have continued to improve policies and institutions supporting trade integration in the global economy. Countries that have the best policies and institutions also tend to have stronger and more consistent trade and export performance.

The World Trade Indicators (WTI) 2008 database and ranking tool allows benchmarking and comparisons of countries and customs territories across trade-related indicators and will help policymakers and researchers analyze the key at-the-border and behind-the-border factors affecting the trade performance of countries and regions. Drawing from international databases and including some new measures of trade policy and performance, the user-friendly WTI database makes it possible—for the first time—to rank countries and compare their performance on all policy and institutional dimensions, namely trade policy, the external environment, institutions and business climate, and trade facilitation, that economists believe affect trade and export performance.

Trade briefs and Trade-at-a-Glance (TAAG) tables capture the main findings at the country level from the database and the analytical work of relevant international organizations. The WTI 2008 publication summarizes patterns and trends in trade policies and institutions as well as trade outcomes revealed by the database across countries, regions and income groups.


1.Gianni Zanini (Lead Economist, World Bank Institute)
2.Mari Pangestu (Trade Minister)

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