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Consultative Workshop: Investment in Laboratories for Food Safety and Agricultural Health

Date: Nov 15 - 16, 2007

Description: The workshop was organized by The World Bank and UNIDO under the auspices of WTO in Geneva. The workshop served as an open forum to share perspectives among different stakeholders on lessons, and experiences on a wide range of issues regarding SPS-related laboratory investment and capacity building. The workshop was attended for about 25 participants, including directors of SPS regulatory agencies, laboratory heads from the public and private sector, technical experts, user groups, agro-entrepreneurs, NGOs that represent consumers, and donors.

Agenda  and  Participant List

Day One

Session 1  - Setting the stage 

Session 2 - Needs assessment & best practices in plant health labs & animal health labs

Session 3 - LABNET, a Knowledge Management Portal for Lab Professionals

Session 4 - Needs assessment & best practices for chemical & microbiological labs

Session 5 - Experiences from the field with upgrading the domestic lab system

Session 6 - Findings from Day One 

Day Two

Session 7a - Public vs. private labs

Session 7b - Strategic considerations

Session 8a - Financial considerations

Session 8b - Capacity building 

Session 9 - Moving toward a synthesis

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