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Eligible Topics and Activities

The Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Trade and Development (MDTF-TD) supports work on a wide range of trade topics, including issues such as trade policy and agreements, export competitiveness, trade facilitation, behind-the-border constraints on international trade, and distributional effects of trade and trade policy reform. The program seeks to ensure that trade-related activities at the country level draw on cross-sectoral expertise, bridging gaps between economic policy, infrastructure, private sector development, and rural development, as well as new cross-cutting issues such as climate change and gender.

Activities eligible for financing include technical assistance, research and policy analysis, project preparation, capacity building and training, compilation of trade data, analytical tools and other toolkits for policy makers, and dissemination of knowledge through conferences and workshops. Activities financed by the trust fund may be executed by the World Bank or by recipient governments.

Since it became operational in November 2007, the MDTF-TD has funded 58 activities at the country and regional level, mostly analytical work and technical assistance activities, but also activities that enable investment lending.

Examples of activities approved for financing under the MDTF-TD include:

  • A study on services trade and South Asian development;
  • An assessment of trade facilitation between Mongolia and its neighbors, and capacity building for a more effective logistics supply chain network between these countries;
  • Development of a trade and competitiveness strategy for Tanzania;
  • Capacity building and technical assistance for the accession of Laos to the WTO
  • Research on welfare and poverty impacts of trade reforms at the household and firm level; and
  • Policy analysis on emerging carbon labeling standards and impacts on the exports of low income countries.

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