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World Trade Indicators

About the World Trade Indicators 2009/10 – Trade Under Crisis 

WTI 2009The World Trade Indicators 2009/10 is a wide-ranging database and innovative ranking tool designed to benchmark trade policy and performance. First launched by World Bank Institute in June 2008, and updated in January 2009, the database contains a broad set of trade indicators for 211 countries and territories to help policy makers, advisors and analysts identify border and behind-the-border constraints to trade integration. The database is organized around five thematic categories or pillars, namely (i) Trade Policy, (ii) External Environment, (iii) Institutional Environment, (iv) Trade Facilitation, and (v) Trade Outcome.

Each pillar contains a main (default) indicator, and is further divided into sub-categories. Indicators may be viewed as ranks or values. Country performance may be examined individually as well as in relation to other countries or country grouping, (by region, income group, trade agreement or other user-defined group). The expanded database contains 500 annual and quarterly variables, which span the period 1995-2009, based on availability. Data descriptions, availability and sources are posted in the User Guide to Trade Data.

The World Trade Indicators 2009/10 database is complemented by:


an analytical overview report of trade outcomes and policy responses during a tumultuous period for global trade


country-level trade briefs which summarize insights from the database as well as analyze national impacts of and responses to the food crisis and global recession 


user-friendly Trade-at-a-Glance (TAAG) tables of all countries which provide a snapshot of key aspects of trade policy and performance
Explore the World Trade Indicators 2009/10 

Overview Report (coming soon) | Trade Briefs & Trade-at-a-Glance (TAAG) Tables  

There are five ways to explore the annual database:


Country Ranking - provides a ranked country list for up to five selected indicators, for a chosen period


Country Snapshot - displays data on a selected country and up to two comparators, across all indicators and four periods


Country Comparison - compares up to five indicators across ten countries or country groups, for a chosen period 


Overtime Comparison - shows the evolution of one indicator for up to 10 selected countries or groupings


Map - provides a geographical overview of relative country performance for one selected indicator and period

The quarterly database contains real and nominal growth rates – year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter – from 1995 to 2009, for total trade in goods and services, which is disaggregated further into exports and imports, as well as goods and services:

arrow Total Trade (g+s), Total Exports (g+s), Total Imports (g+s)
arrow Goods Trade, Goods Exports, Goods Imports – Balance of Payments (BoP)
Goods Trade, Goods Exports, Goods Imports – National Accounts (NA)
Services Trade, Services Exports, Services Imports – Balance of Payments (BoP) 

User Support and Documentation

arrow Functionalities of the World Trade Indicators 2009/10 database
arrow Country Grouping:
 by Region, Income | by Trade Agreements
arrow User Guide to Trade Data
List of Indicators
arrow Online Data Sources: main external sources include the International Trade Centre (ITC) which actively supports the WTI database, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
arrow Previous Issue: Overview Report 2008 | Country Briefs & Trade-At-A-Glance Tables 2008 

Contact Information: Ravindra A. Yatawara, Senior Economist, World Bank Institute, Trade Learning Program,

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