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World Bank Group's Aid for Trade Program

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Dec 2009 Responding to the Challenges of Aid for Trade (I): Enhancing the Role and Contribution of the Private Sector by Olivier Cattaneo and Leen Solleveld
Dec 2009Responding to the Challenges of Aid for Trade (II): Aid for Trade Evaluation and Impact Assessment by Leen Solleveld  
Sep 2009Aid for Trade Facilitation by  Matthias Helble, Catherine Mann, John S. Wilson, World Bank Policy Reserch Working Paper 5064
Jul 2009Aid for Trade: Matching Potential Demand and Supply, by Elisa Gamberoni, Richard Newfarmer, World Bank Policy Reserch Working Paper 4991
Jul 2009Remarks of President Robert B. Zoellick, The WTO Second Global Review of Aid for Trade
Jun 2009World Bank Aid for Trade Program: Unlocking Global OpportunitiesFull Report 
Apr 2009 Assessing the Doha Round: Market Access, Transactions Costs and Aid for Trade Facilitation by Bernard Hoekman and Alessandro Nicita 
Nov 2008

Press Release: World Bank Group President Announces More Aid For Trade 

Oct 2008Coping with New Strains in the Global Trading System: Doha Round, Food Prices, and Aid for Trade, prepared by the Staffs of the IMF and the World Bank
Aug 2008Has Product-Specific Aid for Trade Increased Exports?Trade Note 36
Jul 2008 Why Aid for Trade? Interview with Uri Dadush, former Trade Department Director
Nov 2007 Remarks by President Zoellick, The WTO First Global Review of Aid for Trade
Nov 2007Aid for Trade Gains Momentum as Doha Round Talks Continue
Aug 2005Economic Policy Responses to Preference Erosion: From Trade as Aid to Aid for Trade by Bernard Hoekman and Susan Prowse

The World Bank Group Aid for Trade Fact Sheet 

Last updated on May 201, 2010

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