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Economic Premise Notes on Trade

Economic Premise

The Economic Premise note series is intended to summarize good practices and key policy findings on topics related to economic policy. They are produced by the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network Vice-Presidency of the World Bank.




May 2014Making Global Value Chains Work for Development Daria Taglioni and Deborah Winkler
March 2014Global Value Chains in the Current Trade Slowdown Michael J. Ferrantino and Daria Taglioni
Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself: Evidence on Imported Intermediates in Indonesia Sjamsu Rahardja and Gonzalo Varela
February 2014Does FDI Work for Africa? Assessing Local Spillovers in a World of Global Value Chains Thomas Farole and Deborah Winkler
November 2013Making Trade Policy More Transparent: A New Database of Non-Tariff Measures Mariem Malouche, José-Daniel Reyes, and Amir Fouad
October 2013Can Tourism Encourage Better Export Performance and Diversification in Nepal? José Guilherme Reis and Gonzalo Varela
April 2013Can Trade Reduce Poverty in Africa? Maëlan Le Goff and Raju Jan Singh
Presalt Oil Discoveries and the Long-Term Development of Brazil Pablo Fajnzylber, Daniel Lederman, and Julia Oliver
March 2013

Global Connectivity and Export Performance 

Jean-François Arvis and Ben Shepherd
February 2013

What Promises Does the Eurasian Customs Union Hold for the Future? 

Francisco G. Carneiro

Can Open Service Sector FDI Policy Enhance Manufacturing Productivity? Evidence from Indonesia

Victor Duggan, Sjamsu Rahardja, and Gonzalo Varela

The Brazilian Competitiveness Cliff

Otaviano Canuto, Matheus Cavallari, and José Guilherme Reis
January 2013

Trade Costs and Development: A New Data Set 

Jean-François Arvis, Ben Shepherd, Yann Duval, and Chorthip Utoktham
November 2012

Service with a Smile

Ejaz Ghani, Arti Grover Goswami, and Homi Kharas
October 2012Competitiveness and Connectivity: Integrating Lagging Regions in Global MarketsThomas Farole
September 2012South-South Cooperation: How Mongolia Learned from Chile on Managing a Mineral Rich Economy


Rogier van den Brink, Arshad Sayed, Steve Barnett, Eduardo Aninat, Eric Parrado, Zahid Hasnain and Tehmina Khan
August 2012Trade and Climate Change: An Analytical Review of Key IssuesHarun Onder
May 2012The Promise and Peril of Post-MFA Apparel ProductionGladys Lopez-Acevedo, Raymond Robertson
Natural Capital and the Resource CurseOtaviano Canuto, Matheus Cavallari

Reducing Distortions in International Commodity Markets

Bernard Hoekman, Will Martin
Why Cargo Dwell Time Matters in TradeGael Raballand, Salim Refas, Monica Beuran, Gozde Isik
April 2012

Collaborative Border Management: A New Approach to an Old Problem

Gerard McLinden
February 2012

Capital Account Liberalization: Does Advanced Economy Experience Provide Lessons for China?

Jeff Chelsky
December 2011Taking Stock of Trade Protectionism Since 2008 Mohini Datt, Bernard Hoekman, Mariem Malouche
November 2011

The Drought and Food Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Impacts and Proposed Policy Responses for Kenya

Gabriel Demombynes, Jane Kiringai
October 2011

The WTO and the Doha Round: Walking on Two Legs

Bernard Hoekman
September 2011

Trade Finance during the 2008–9 Trade Collapse: Key Takeaways

Jean-Pierre Chauffour, Mariem Malouche
Asia and South America: A Quasi-Common Economy ApproachOtaviano Canuto, Manu Sharma
Special Economic Zones: What Have We Learned?Thomas Farole
July 2011Gender-Informing Aid for Trade: Entry Points and Initial Lessons Learned from the World BankElisa Gamberoni, José Guilherme Reis
April 2011Sophistication in Service Exports and Economic GrowthSaurabh Mishra, Susanna Lundstrom, Rahul Anand
January 2011An Initial Estimation of the Economic Effects of the Creation of the EurAsEC Customs Union on Its MembersLúcio Vinhas de Souza
December 2010Currency Wars Yesterday and TodayMilan Brahmbhatt, Otaviano Canuto, Swati Ghosh
November 2010Uncovering Developing Countries’ Performance in Trade in ServicesSebastian Saez,
Arti Grover Goswami
September 2010Reform and Regional Integration of Professional Services in East AfricaNora Dihel,
Ana Margarida Fernandes,
Aaditya Mattoo,
Nicholas Strychacz
August 2010Aid for Trade: An Action Agenda Looking ForwardBernard Hoekman,
John S. Wilson
June 2010Can Real Exchange Rate Undervaluation Boost Exports and Growth in Developing Countries? Yes, But Not for LongMona Haddad,
Cosimo Pancaro
Trade and the Competitiveness AgendaJosé Guilherme Reis
Thomas Farole
May 2010The Service Revolution
Ejaz Ghani,
Homi Kharas
March 2010Managing Openness and Volatility: The Role of Export Diversification
Mona Haddad,
Jamus Jerome Lim, Christian Saborowski
China's Investment in African Special Economic Zones: Prospects, Challenges, and OpportunitiesDeborah Brautigam,
Thomas Farole,
Tang Xiaoyang
How Much Do Agricultural Policies Restrict Trade? Comparing Trade Restrictiveness IndexesKym Anderson
Johanna Croser

Export-led Growth v2.0

Otaviano Canuto,
Mona Haddad
Gordon Hanson

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Last updated on March 20, 2014

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