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Trade Facilitation and Logistics

The objective of this pillar is to reduce the costs associated with moving goods along international supply chains, whether these are measured in terms of time, money, or reliability. Trade facilitation also lowers import costs and therefore has a direct impact on the prices paid by the poor for the goods they consume. Such costs are also partly determined by access to and the price of trade finance and associated export credit insurance products, a factor that has become more important for developing country exporters, especially small and medium enterprises, following the recent crisis and the higher financing costs that are expected to prevail in the medium-term.

Priorities are:

  • to enhance the performance of trade corridors used by landlocked developing countries, especially in Africa;
  • to support regional trade facilitation frameworks;
  • to improve markets for logistics services;
  • to increase the efficiency of border management;
  • to facilitate the cross-border movement of service suppliers; and
  • to improve access to trade finance and related insurance and guarantee products for SMEs.



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Logistics Performance Index (LPI)

LPI 2012 Medium


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