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Infoshop Book Launch: Exporting Services: A Developing Country Perspective

Location:   J1-050
Begins:   Feb 02, 2012 15:00
Ends:   Feb 02, 2012 16:30

Exporting Services: A Developing Country PerspectiveEditorsArti Grover Goswami, Aaditya Mattoo, Sebastian Saez, November 2011

: Just a few decades ago, services such as tourism, distribution and communication were considered in the economic literature to be stagnant sectors or of little economic relevance. But now, they are a key determinant of overall countries competitiveness. The book illustrates the determinants of trade in services from developing countries and demonstrates the complex nature of reforms and policy making in the service sector as well as the benefits of well-implemented reforms. More Information >>

Chair: Mona Haddad, Sector Manager, International Trade Department, World Bank

Ms. Haddad manages the group responsible for supporting the development and implementation of trade-related activities at both country and regional levels.  These include trade policy analysis, competitiveness, trade facilitation and standards.  Prior to joining the Trade Department, Ms. Haddad was the Regional Trade Coordinator for the East Asia Region, where she worked on trade issues in various countries, including Indonesia, China, Laos, and Vietnam.

: Sebastian Saez, Senior Trade Economist, International Trade Department, World Bank

Mr. Saez is a Senior Trade Economist working at the International Trade Department, PREM, World Bank. Between 1990-1994, he served as advisor to the Minister of Finance, and was involved in the GATT´s Uruguay Round negotiations. Subsequently, between 1994 and 1997 he was a member of the Chilean Mission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) where he served as Deputy Permanent Representative. In 1998, as an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile he was Head of the Department FTAA - North America, where he was responsible for the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas negotiations. From August 2001 and July 2003 he was Head of the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy of Chile. In this capacity, he participated in trade negotiations with European Union, Korea and the United States. Later he worked as an independent consultant until August 2005. He joined the International Trade and Integration Division at UN-ECLAC. In January 2009, he joined the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network, Trade Department, as responsible for Trade in Services.


Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General, Organization Of American States
Mr. Insulza took office in 2005 as Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS). The Chilean politician has an accomplished record of public service. At the beginning of his five-year term as Secretary General, he pledged to strengthen the Organization’s “political relevance and its capacity for action.” In 1994, under the administration of President Eduardo Frei, Insulza became first Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs and later was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 1999, he became Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, and was appointed the  following year to be President Ricardo Lagos’s Minister of the Interior and Vice President of the Republic. When he left that post in May 2005, he had served as a government minister for more than a decade, the longest continuous tenure for a minister in Chilean history.

Otaviano Canuto, Vice President and Head of Network, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, World Bank
Mr. Canuto is Vice President and Head of the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network, a division of more than 700 economists and other professionals working on economic policy, poverty reduction, and analytic work for the World Bank’s client countries. He took up his position on May 4, 2009, after serving as the Vice President for Countries at the Inter-American Development Bank since June 2007. Mr. Canuto provides strategic leadership and direction to Regional PREM units as well as groups working on economic policy formulation in the area of growth and poverty, debt, trade, gender, and public sector management and governance. He is also involved in managing the Bank’s overall interactions with key partner institutions including the IMF, the OECD and regional development banks. Previously, Mr. Canuto was Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank in 2004-2007. He also served in the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, where he was Secretary for International Affairs.

Aaditya Mattoo, Research Manager, Trade and Integration, Development Research Group, Development Economics, World Bank 
Mr. Mattoo is Research Manager, Trade and Integration, at the World Bank. He specializes in trade policy analysis and the operation of the WTO, provides policy advice to governments, and helps enhance policy-making and negotiating capacity in developing countries. Prior to joining the Bank in 1999, Mr. Mattoo was Economic Counsellor at the Trade in Services Division, World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva. He taught economics at the University of Sussex and Cambridge University. He has written on trade, development and the WTO, and has published widely in academic and other journals. His work has been cited extensively, including in the Economist, Financial Times, New York Times, and Time Magazine.

Arti Grover Goswami, Consultant, Economic Policy & Poverty Sector, World Bank
Ms. Grover has worked on issues relating to trade in services from several developing countries, role of bilateral labor agreements in enhancing services exports and regional trade integration.  Besides trade, she also works on urbanization issues and the determinants of spatial location and allocative efficiency of firms. Prior to joining the Bank in September 2009, she was a Doctoral Fulbright fellow in the International Economics Section of Princeton University and a Lecturer at the Delhi School of Economics. Her PhD research and publications have mainly focused on issues related to offshoring and specifically services outsourcing.

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