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Trade Facilitation Facility: What is the TFF? -- World Bank

What is the TFF?

The Trade Facilitation Facility is a multi-donor trust fund launched in April 2009 to help developing countries improve their trade facilitation systems and reduce trade costs. It is designed to respond to government requests for assistance in improving infrastructure, institutions, services, policies, procedures, and market-oriented regulatory systems that enable firms to conduct international trade on time and at lower costs.

A construction vehicle breaks ground on a new infrastructure project. Photo Credit: World Bank
Focus of Activities

TFF projects focus on concrete and measurable trade facilitation improvements such as supporting regulatory and policy reforms, new border management systems, small investments and addressing critical trade bottlenecks.

A woman in Burkina Faso sells mangoes from a makeshift fruit stand. Photo Credit: World Bank
Organization & Procedures

The TFF is managed by a team of World Bank experts and responds on a rolling basis to government and regional organization requests; projects last from 2-3 months to 2 years or more.

Yellow tarps provide shade at a busy market in Ghana. Photo Credit: World Bank

The TFF focuses on low-income and Sub-Saharan African countries. Work in lower-middle income countries is eligible if it addresses the trade facilitation problems of neighboring low-income countries.

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