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Benchmarking Trade Promotion: A Look at the ITC's Comparative Institutional Assessment and Performance Improvement Programme

Begins:   Jun 28, 2012 12:30
Ends:   Jun 28, 2012 14:00
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BBL Benchmarking Trade Promotion

The International Trade Centre's (ITC) TPO Assessment and Benchmarking programme provides Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) an independent and objective assessment of their institutional situation and their performance in relation to the good business practices of other TPOs. The assessment identifies areas for improvement through the use of a full set of benchmark measures and focuses on the key factors of organizational performance and how these elements interact. Join ITC staff members with in-depth understanding of TPOs and their operating environment as they explain how the ITC benchmarking methodology offers a structured and results-oriented approach to identify institutional strengths and weaknesses. The process is achieved through the comprehensive analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data through a series of interviews with senior managers and staff of all main areas of the TPO. It is conducted by ITC certified experts and based on a tested and consolidated maturity based model® shaped around four main areas of performance: I) Leadership and Direction, II) Resources and Processes, III) Products and Service Delivery, and IV) Measurement and Results.


Featured Speakers:

José Prunello

Senior Adviser
TPO Assessment and Benchmarking Programme
International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTOSenior Adviser

Andrea Santoni

Programme Officer
Benchmarking & TSI Capacity Building
International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO


Daniel Lederman

Lead Economist
International Trade Department
The World Bank

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