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Export Competitiveness: Toolkits

Customs Modernization Handbook
The Customs Modernization Handbook (2005) offers guidelines on the key organizational, legal, and risk-management issues in customs modernization and trade facilitation. It also documents lessons from a select set of customs reform initiatives, as well as from the World Bank’s own experience with its support on customs reform.
Import and Export Regulations 
Reforming the Regulatory Procedures for Import and Export:
Guide for Practitioners (2006)
refers the reader to an abundance of sources where additional technical information and assistance may be obtained to support customs reform and trade facilitation programs under consideration.
Removing Barriers to Investment
A Manual for Identification and Removal of Administrative Barriers to Investment (2005) provides guidance to governments on identification of key administrative barriers to business start-ups and operations and offers strategies for prioritization and implementation of the reform recommendations. It also offers guidelines on the management of public-private dialogues for achieving the goals.
Industry Checklists
This is a work-in-progress and the purpose of the industry checklists is to help developing countries quickly identify the most important issues which might affect the development of the industrial sectors key to growth. Six checklists have been developed so far for agro-business, apparel, housing, land market, retail business and tourism. One on ICT is underway.
Reforming the Investment Climate
The toolkit on Reforming the Investment Climate addresses the key questions about identifying key constraints and creating the incentives and capacity to implement reform. These questions are addressed through the literature review and the findings of more than 25 case studies of reform.

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