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Export Competitiveness: Projects

Trade-related Lending, capacity-building, and Analytical and Advisory Services Activities (AAA) at the World Bank have been increasing steadily in recent years. The Bank's Annual Report of 2005, for instance, classifies 5% of all Bank's policy and project lending in 2005 under the heading of Trade and Integration, up from 2% during 2002.

This upward trend is the result of a conscious effort to mainstream trade in Bank's operations. It is worth recalling, however, that many Bank loans typically incorporate more that one objective. Thus, although not entirely dedicated to trade, many Bank project/policy loans contain components that support trade-related activities. For instance, a public sector reform project may have a customs modernization and trade facilitation component or an infrastructure project may support export oriented facilities or improve trade logistics. Therefore, it is entirely possible that a project may be listed under more that one theme.

Depending on the objectives, trade-related components are classified under six sub-areas. The links below provide a list of activities that include one or several of those components. This list does not identify the trade-related component(s) of the project. To find out, see project details.

Main Theme

To see theme scope notes for the Trade and Integration major theme, click here.

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