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Export Competitiveness: Introducing the Thematic Group

Export growth is a primary policy objective of most developing countries, yet the factors impacting are diverse and difficult to prioritize. As a result, enhancing trade in country agendas is not always an easy task, and there is a need for cross-fertilization within different areas of expertise, learning from country experiences, and knowledge from sector-specific experiences.
Export Competitiveness Thematic Group          
The final objective of the Thematic Group is to mainstream export competitiveness into World Bank country operations. The TG will work to build a holistic framework for developmental assistance on export competitiveness. To do so, the TG will develop a sequenced program.

  • Export Competitiveness Web Page: The website offers the best practice conceptual frameworks and analytical benchmarks developed so far on export competitiveness. It offers expert toolkits and comprehensive 'how-to' guides on various subtopics of export competitiveness. It is also a repository of the World Bank’s best operational practices in this area.

  • New Knowledge and learning Events: Depending on the evaluation of the service and its demand, PRMTR will identify gaps and commission new knowledge. In collaboration with various other units working in this area, it will organize a series of learning event that will bring together academics and practitioners working in this area within and outside the World Bank.

  • Operational Support: Collection, commission and dissemination of knowledge might form a basis for forging partnership between the PREM and PSD sectors within the World Bank towards developing joint operations in this area.

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