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Policy Notes

August 2010Economic Premise 27Can Carbon Labeling Be Development Friendly? Recommendations on How to Improve Emerging Schemes by Paul Brenton, Gareth Edwards-Jones, and Michael F. Jensen 

June 2010 Economic Premise 18Trade and the Competitiveness Agenda by
José Guilherme Reis and Thomas Farole

March 2010 Economic Premise 5China’s Investment in African Special Economic Zones: Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities by Deborah Brautigam, Thomas Farole and Tang Xiaoyang 

March 2007PSD Note 315: Financing Innovation by Jae Hoon Yoo

November 2006PSD Note 313: Entrepreneurship by Leora Klapper

September 2006Trade Note 30: Export Promotion Agencies - What Works and What Does Not by Daniel Lederman

September 2006Trade Note 29: Export Financing for SMEs - The Role of Factoring by Leora Klapper

March 2006Trade Note 26: Why Market Access is the Most Important of Agriculture? by Kim Anderson and Will Martin

September 2005Trade Note 25: Food Safety and Agricultural Health Standards and Developing Country Exports - Rethinking the Impacts and the Policy Agenda by Steven Jaffee

August 2005PSD Note 298: Informality by Vincent Palmade & Andrea Anayiotas

September 2004PSD Note 273: FDI Trends by Vincent Palmade & Andrea Anayiotas

July 2004PREM Note 89: Good Practice in Trade Facilitation - Lessons from Tunisia by Hamid Alavi

September 2003Trade Note 11: Services in a Developement Round by Aaditya Mattoo

April 2002PREM Note 67: Best Practices in Customs Reform - Lessons from Morocco by Luc de Wulf and Emile Finateau

September 2001PREM Note 56: Why Have Trade Promotion Organizations Failed, and How Can They Be Revitalized? by Luc de Wulf

May 2001PREM Note 53: Increasing the Effectiveness of Preshipment Inspection Services by Mark Dutz

October 2000PSD Note 221: Regulating Quality by Bill Baker & Sophie Tremolet

December 1998PREM Note 11: Export Processing Zones by Dorsati Madani

April 1998PREM Note 3: Trade and the East Asian Crisis by Bernard Hoekman and Will Martin

April 1995PSD Note 44: Regulatory Barriers on SME Finance by Heywood Fleisig

PREM Notes summarize good practices and key policy findings on economic policy related topics. The current collection covers topics such as EPZ, trade promotion, pre-shipment inspections, pre-shipment finance, and country case studies from Asia and the Middle East. 

Trade Notes summarize recent research on global trade issues. The current collection covers topics such as export finance, export promotion agencies, safety standards, market access issues, and the Doha round.

PSD Notes cover private sector development issues related to export competitiveness including foreign direct investment, regulations on quality, SMEs, informality, etc.

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