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Export Competitiveness Thematic Group

Export Competitiveness Thematic Group is a repository of knowledge on policies and institutions enhancing export competitiveness. It offers a compendium of resources on benchmarking indices, easy to use toolkits, Bank's lending operations and AAA on trade, and useful websites within and outside the Bank.

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The Three Pillars of Export Competitiveness (

Incentive Framework

Services and Costs

Overcoming Market and Government Failures

Overall macroeconomic stability including removal of tariff and quota barriers, exchange rate rigidity and overvaluation, and tax regimes.

Efficiently produced critical backbone services and inputs including telecommunications and energy, customs and logistics, transport, and investment climate. 

A set of industrial policies including fiscal incentives for export, economic zones and clusters, fostering of export-oriented innovation, promotion, and institutions for reform.

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January 12, 2011
 BBL: Trade in Services and Labor Market Regulations 
Joint Brown Bag Lunch Poverty Reduction (PRMPR) and International Trade (PRMTR)

  • Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, PRMPR, World Bank
  • Jose Guilherme Reis, PRMTR, World Bank

Speaker: David Barnes, IBM Corporation - Presentation (pdf - 1.4mb)


  • Raymond Robertson, Professor at Macallester College
  • Sebastian Saez, PRMTR, World Bank

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nullFeatured Publication
A Guide to Trade Data Analysis (pdf), September 2010 

The objective of this publications is to present a basic toolbox of indicators that can do a good job at either providing background or telling a particular story. It focuses on trade flows. 


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