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    Agriculture and Rural Development

    Agricultural Research in an Era of Adjustment: Policies, Institutions, and Progress
    -Steven R. Tabor, editor
    This study examines the complex linkages between structural adjustment and agricultural research. It draws on macroeconomic theory, developing-country case studies, and lessons learned by OECD nations, and discusses the relationships between adjustment, policy reform, and institutional change.

    1995. 202 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3197-3. SKU 13197. $22.00
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    Agroindustrial Investment and Operations
    -James G. Brown with Deloitte & Touche
    This analytical guide was developed for World Bank staff. It helps investors and economic planners identify opportunities for agroindustrial investment and design related projects and policies.
    1994. 318 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2345-8. SKU 12345. $22.00
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    Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects
    -J. Price Gittinger
    This book has been one of the World Bank's most popular titles and is still very much in demand. It sets out a careful and practical methodology for analyzing agricultural development projects and for using these analyses to compare proposed investments. Both the first and second editions have been widely used as a university textbook and a field resource in sectors other than agriculture.
    Johns Hopkins University Press. Second edition. 1982. 528 pages. ISBN 0-8018-2913-5. SKU 42913. $30.00
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    Forestry Management for Sustainable Development
    -Emmanuel D'Silva and S. Appanah
    Forests will continue to disappear rapidly, the authors contend, until they are recognized as a valuable economic resource. This paper examines the causes of deforestation in Asia and suggests practical ways to achieve sustainable forest management. The report focuses on commercial logging, demand for firewood and fodder, and clearing forest land for farming.
    1993. 52 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2597-3. SKU 12597. $22.00
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    Irrigation Training in the Public Sector
    -The World Bank and USAID
    This book provides guidelines to help decisionmakers and others concerned with the management of irrigated agriculture to formulate long-term traning policies, strategies, and programs. The resulting systematic training should contribute to the improved performance of irrigation and drainage schemes and enhance the management of irrigated agriculture, particularly in developing countries.
    1989. 43 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1334-7. SKU 11334. $22.00
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    Law Compliance in the Forestry Sector
    An Overview
    -Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla
    Illegal acts are a major threat to global forest resources. Various studies on the magnitude and impact of forest crime completed in the last few years show rather shocking results: Illegal forest acts of various kinds are common everywhere, in developing and industrialized nations, and in all major forest types-boreal, temperate, and tropical. Forest crime prominently includes illegal logging but acts against the law also affect other sector operations such as forest products transport, industrial processing, and trade. This paper looks at available evidence on the magnitude and impacts of illegal acts, the vulnerabilities of the forest sector, and proposes a strategy for combating forest crime.
    2002. 47 pages. Stock No. 37205. Full text 310 KB

    Poverty Alleviation through Agricultural Projects
    -Emmanuel D'Silva and Kaye Bysouth
    This paper reports on a seminar in Bangladesh in 1990. Participants assessed Asian experiences in alleviating rural poverty and drew lessons from agricultural projects that successfully incorporated poverty and gender concerns in project design and implementation, as well as reviewed alternative approaches to alleviating rural poverty.
    1992. 76 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2200-1. SKU 12200. $22.00
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      Strategic Reforms for Agricultural Growth in Pakistan

    -Rashid Faruqee, editor
    Agriculture remains the backbone of the Pakistani economy, employing more than half the labor force and accounting for 70 percent of export revenues. However, agriculture faces two sets of constraints in Pakistan: resource constraints and policy distortions. This volume deals with the major resource and policy constraints currently facing Pakistani agriculture.
    1999. 162 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4336-X. SKU 14336. $30.00
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