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    Commodities, Pricing, and Trade

    Competition Policy and Preferential Trade Agreements
    -Bernard Hoekman
    This paper evaluates the validity of some of the claims that are made about the feasibility of international competition policy agreements.
    1998. 24 pages. Stock No. 37131. Full text. PDF 254Kb
    Mauritius: Reigniting the Engines of Growth
    A Teaching Case Study
    -Philip English
    The purpose of this teaching case is to help seminar participants and students understand one of the few success stories of sustained economic growth in Africa and to identify some of the more general lessons that emerge. It has been written specifically for use with noneconomists, and notably labor union leaders,but it should also be useful for economists, especially with the additional information provided in the teaching notes and annexes. This story is first and foremost about integration into the world economy, through export promotion and foreign investment, and secondly about the more complex notion of sound macroeconomic management. The export processing zone (EPZ) plays a critical role, but this case is not intended as an endorsement of EPZs as a development strategy. Nor is it intended to justify World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) adjustment lending, although Mauritius does represent an interesting example of successful structural adjustment.
    1998. 23 pages. Case Study Stock No. 37136 . Full text234 KB
    Teaching Notes Stock No. 37137. Full text176 KB
    Resetting Price Controls for Privatized Utilities: A Manual for Regulators
    -Richard Green and Martin Rodriguez Pardina
    In many developing countries, private companies are replacing government agencies as owners and operators of infrastructure services. Governments must now develop new skills in economic regulation of these private providers to protect consumer interests while also ensuring that the companies remain economically and financially sound. This manual provides new economic regulators with practical guidance on how to proceed in this fairly technical new field.
    1999. 116 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4338-6. SKU 14338. $35.00
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    Trade, Technology, and International Competitiveness
    -Irfan ul Haque
    This book addresses international competitiveness from the perspective of developing countries that must exploit opportunities offered by international trade and the extraordinarily rapid technological progress in recent years. The book's central message is that while sound macroeconomic management is crucial for achieving a sustained rise in living standards, ultimately an economy's ability to generate and manage technological change determines its success in the world market and the pace at which it grows.
    1996. 228 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3418-2. SKU 13418. $22.00
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    World Trade Indicators 2008
    2008. 100 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-7567-9  ISBN-13: 978-0-8213-7567-9  SKU 17567 $125.00
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