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    Development Economics

    The Adaptive Economy: Adjustment Policies in Small, Low-Income Countries
    -Tony Killick
    This book explores the relationship between economic adaptation and long-run development, with particular emphasis on small, low-income economies. It also examines what makes for flexibility within an economy and how policy can affect an economy's ability to adapt to conditions over which it has no control. The premise is that all economies need to adapt to changing circumstances to achieve a reasonable pace of development. The book is intended for use by economists working for or advising government agencies and for teachers and students of development economics. It includes an extensive reference list.
    1993. 412 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2125-0. SKU 12125. $40.00
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    L'Afrique dans le nouvel environnement mondial: Défis et stratégies de croissance
    -Brian Ngo and Elsa Duret
    This report summarizes discussions at an October 1995 seminar on integrating African nations into the global economy. The report looks at how Malaysia, Mauritius, and Tunisia learned from the mistakes of other developing countries before implementing reform measures.
    1997. 56 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3811-0. SKU 13811. $22.00
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    Beyond Economic Growth: Meeting the Challenges of Global Development
    -Tatyana P. Soubbotina and Katherine Sheram
    What is development? How can we compare the levels of development attained by different countries? And what does it take to make development sustainable? This book offers no simple answers to these complex questions. Instead, the authors encourage readers to seek their own solutions by analyzing and synthesizing information on a range of critical development issues including population growth, economic growth, equity, poverty, education, health, industrialization, urbanization, privatization, trade, climate change, and more. The book, which draws on data published by the World Bank, is addressed to teachers, students, and all those interested in exploring issues of global development.
    2000. 48 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4853-1. SKU 14853. $25.00
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    Building Knowledge Economies: Advanced Strategies for Development
    -The World Bank
    2007. 180 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-6957-1   $25.00
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    Case Studies of Chinese Economic Reform
    -Timothy King and Zhang Jiping
    This book collects cases prepared by participants in a case-writing workshop for Chinese teachers and researchers. The workshop trained users and writers of case studies in all aspects of case development, and built local capacity to provide this training. The workshop also increased the stock of case materials on modern Chinese development and reform issues.
    1992. 196 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2228-1. SKU 12228. $22.00
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    China and the Knowledge Economy: Seizing the 21st Century
    -Carl Dahlman and Jean-Eric Aubert
    This book was prepared by World Bank in collaboration with the Chinese government and leading academics. It argues that, in order to address the growing economic, social, and political pressures of the 21st Century, China will have to build solid foundations for a knowledge-based economy by updating the economic and institutional regime, upgrading education and learning, and building information infrastructure. China must also raise the technological level of the economy by diffusing new technologies actively throughout the economy, improving the research and development system, and exploiting global knowledge.
    2001. 200 pages. ISBN 0-8213-5005-6. SKU 15005. $25.00
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    The Development of Property Taxation in Economies in Transition: Case Studies from Central and Eastern Europe
    This book details the context within which policy decisions and objectives for the property tax system are made in the transitional economies of Central and Eastern Europe. It shows how these policy decisions evolve as a part of the transitional reforms still in process. This book offers the chance to review the experiences of transitional countries in initiating and implementing fiscal instruments during a decade of enormous transformations. The research for the case studies, included in this book, was sponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.
    2001. 112 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4983-X. SKU 14983. $22.00
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    Economic Analysis of Investment Operations: Analytical Tools and Practical Applications
    -Pedro Belli, Jock R. Anderson, Howard N. Barnum, John A. Dixon, and Jee-Peng Tan
    This book presents general principles and methodologies applicable across sectors, including quantitative risk analysis. It provides both theory and practice about how to evaluate transportation, health, and education projects, and explains how to assess the environmental impact of projects. The book offers a fresh look at the tools of project analysis and explains how to apply quantitative analysis of costs and benefits from multiple perspectives, that is, from the point of view of the private sector, the public sector, bankers, and the country as a whole. The examples used to illustrate the principles are drawn from actual projects of the World Bank and other institutions.
    2001. 292 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4850-7. SKU 14850. $35.00
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    Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
    -Jose I. dos R. Furtado and Tamara Belt with Ramachandra Jammi, editors
    Relatively little attention often has been paid to the negative effects of economic development on the environment among countries pursuing a higher living standard. This scenario has been especially true in developing countries. Proof that economic development and the environment are closely interrelated is everywhere, from major urban settings to the farthest reaches of the tropical forests. The challenge now is to ensure that development strategies for economic growth are implemented in harmony with environmental sustainability. This book, developed as part of a five-year program of policy seminars, touches on a broad range of practical issues related to environmental management, including wealth creation, institutions, equity, energy, trade, human health, and ecological sustainability.
    2000. 125 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4573-7. SKU 14573. $22.00
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    The Economics of Project Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide
    -William A. Ward and Barry J. Deren
    This book is written for project practitioners, instructors in agricultural project economic analysis, and students of that subject. It extends and complements the discussion of project and policy economics in the second edition of Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects by J. Price Gittinger (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1982).
    1991. 336 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1751-2. SKU 11751. $35.00
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    Enterprise Restructuring and Economic Policy in Russia
    -Simon Commander, Qimiao Fan, and Mark E. Schaffer, editors
    This book is concerned with a crucial issue of transition: the role and organization of the enterprise sector. This dynamic is of particular interest in the Russian context, where there has been a concerted attempt to change ownership arrangements, and hence corporate governance. This volume breaks new ground by presenting the results of a large survey of firms carried out by the World Bank in mid-1994 that included over 400 industrial firms.
    1996. 308 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3725-4. SKU 13725. $22.00
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    Enterprise Restructuring and Unemployment in Models of Transition
    -Simon Commander, editor
    This book sheds light on factors determining the shape and pace of transition. It primarily focuses on the behavior of firms and their interaction with the labor market. While finding significant variation across countries, the book points to major adjustments within firms, both in the remaining state sector and among firms that have been privatized.
    1998. 290 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4168-5. SKU 14168. $22.00
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    Fostering Innovation, Productivity, and Technological Change: Tanzania in the Knowledge Economy
    -Anuja Utz

    The application of knowledge, as manifested in areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation, research and development and in people’s education and skills levels is now recognized to be one of the key sources of growth and competitiveness in the global economy. But many developing countries are failing to tap the vast and growing stock of global knowledge because of their limited awareness, poor economic incentive regimes, and weak institutions. By building on their strengths and by carefully planning appropriate investments in human capital, effective institutions, relevant technologies, and innovative and competitive enterprises, developing countries can benefit from the knowledge revolution and make the transition to a knowledge economy. 


    This paper examines how Tanzania can use knowledge and technological advances to foster innovation productivity, and competitiveness in all sectors of the economy.

    2006. 64 pages. Stock No. 37258. Full text PDF 517 KB

    Knowledge, Technology, and Cluster-Based Growth in Africa
    -Edited by Douglas Zhihua Zeng
    2008. 144 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-7306-4   $20.00
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    Mexico's Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
    -Edited by Carl J. Dahlman , Yevgeny Kuznetsov
    2008. 184 pages.ISBN: 0-8213-6921-0    $20.00
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    Monitoring and Evaluating Social Programs in Developing Countries: A Handbook for Policymakers, Managers, and Researchers
    -Joseph Valadez, and Michael Bamberger
    Project sustainability has received considerable attention in recent years. The increased awareness stems from a growing concern with social-development issues such as poverty reduction, project sustainability, the equal participation of women, and the social costs of economic development. This handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the wide range of techniques available for monitoring and evaluating the main kinds of social development programs.
    1994. 548 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2989-8. SKU 12989. $40.00
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    Patterns of Development: 1970-1994
    -William H. Branson, Isabel Guerrero, and Bernhard G. Gunter
    This paper characterizes the patterns of development based on the experiences of 93 countries over the last 25 years. It starts with a brief review of the literature and then provides operational definitions of development and economic structure.
    1998. 49 pages. Stock No. 37132. Full text384 KB

    Post-Conflict Recovery in Uganda
    -Frank Warnock and Patrick Conway
    This case study was written to facilitate analysis of economic growth prospects in developing economies, with special emphasis on those emerging from military or political conflict. It is intended for use in a classroom.
    1999. Case: 34 pages. Stock No. 37152. Teaching Notes: 8 pages. Stock No. 37153. Full text case and teaching notes244 KB

    Promoting Inclusive Innovation
    -Anuja Utz and Carl Dahlman

    This working paper has been published as Chapter 4: “Promoting Inclusive Innovation” by Anuja Utz and Carl Dahlman in Unleashing India's Innovation: Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, edited by Mark A. Dutz, World Bank, 2007.  This paper argues that even as India is becoming a top global innovator in high-tech products and services, relative to its innovation potential it is underperforming —with direct implications for long-term industrial competitiveness and economic growth.

    2007. 28 pages. Stock No. 37273. Full text 216 KB 

    The Quality of Growth
    -Vinod Thomas, Ashok Dhareshwar, Ramon E. Lopez, Yan Wang, Nalin Kishor, Mansoor Dailami, and Daniel Kaufmann
    The last decade of the 20th century witnessed striking progress in the developing world and at the same time, it also saw stagnation and setbacks. Economic growth is key to development both in its pace and also in its quality. This book is a collection of essays in an ongoing research project. It looks at the World Development Report 1991 and examines how far we have progressed at the turn of the millennium. The book advocates broadening the policy framework from a quantitative agenda for short-term economic growth to a qualitative agenda involving human, social, and environmentally sustainable development.
    A Copublication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press. 2000. 200 pages. ISBN 0-19-521593-1. SKU 61593. $35.00
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    Restructuring and Managing the Enterprise in Transition
    -Roy L. Crum and Itzhak Goldberg
    This book introduces managers and teachers to some of the fundamental concepts of corporation financial management and closely related business disciplines. The primary focus of the book is the business enterprise and how to help managers make sound economic decisions within companies that create value for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and society in general.
    1998. 344 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3658-4. SKU 13658. $35.00
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    Russia's Transition to a New Federalism
    -Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Jameson Boex
    This book provides an in-depth analysis of the various dimensions of the Russian system of intergovernmental fiscal relations. The introductory chapter presents an overview of the historical and political dynamics of the decentralization process in the Russian Federation. Each subsequent chapter addresses a major component of the system of intergovernmental fiscal relations in Russia, notably expenditure assignment, revenue assignment, intergovernmental transfers, and subnational deficits and borrowing. The final chapter reviews the main issues in policy formulation faced by the Russian government reforming its system of intergovernmental fiscal relations.
    2001. 100 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4840-X. SKU 14840. $22.00
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    Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy for Sustained Growth to Breakthrough in the 21st Century
    -Achille Toto Same
    This paper provides an analytical framework, a nonconventional thought and economic policy to get Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) on a sustained growth path to breakthrough in the 21st century. It is critically important for the subcontinent to forcefully start the process of climbing the value-chain ladder and swiftly move into more manufacturing activities. This can be done in the early stage of its structural transformation by adopting and adapting existing technologies, while adjusting to the global demand and international trade, for sustained growth and poverty reduction. In addition, a development behavior-oriented leadership is vital to catalyze the process
    2007. 72 pages. Stock No. 37269. Full text 586 KB

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