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    Infrastructure, Transport, and Urban Development

    Access to Basic Infrastructure by the Urban Poor
    -Aurelio Menéndez
    This report documents the discussions during a workshop held in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, February 4-8, 1990. The participants discussed urban poverty issues in the developing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, particularly issues related to the urban poor's access to basic infrastructure services.

    1991. 81 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1815-2. SKU 11815. $22.00
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    Accounting for Poverty in Infrastructure Reform: Learning from Latin America's Experience

    -Antonio Estache, Vivien Foster, Quentin Wodon
    During the 1990’s a number of countries in Latin America including Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, developed policies focused on utility sector liberalization through increased private sector participation. This focus resulted from the recognition that overall quality and availability of services were inadequate. Infrastructure reform is inexorably linked to poverty alleviation and therefore must be carefully constructed and enacted. This book provides practical guidelines and options for infrastructure reform that result in access and affordability for the poor. Accounting for Poverty in Infrastructure Reform: Learning from Latin America’s Experience includes analysis of the trade-offs that must be made between efficiency, equity, and fiscal costs of the options. It includes a new model for reform that consists of three main components - policies, regulation, and provision which when properly balanced minimize the risks associated with reform.

    2002. 128 pages. ISBN 0-8213-5039-0. SKU 15039. $22.00
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    Approaches to Urban Slums: A Multimedia Sourcebook on Adaptive and Proactive Strategies
    -Edited by Barjor Mehta and Arish Dastur, Multimedia by Steffen Janus
    2008. Mixed media, 60 pages.  ISBN: 0-8213-7354-4  $30.00
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    The Challenge of Urban Government: Policies and Practices
    -Mila Freire and Richard Stren, editors
    This volume examines wide-ranging issues confronting cities, and reviews successful tools, strategies, and practices used to address them. It assembles a set of readings on nine "windows" of urban management to which the chapters of the book are devoted. These "windows" are explored in the context of the new urban strategy of the World Bank, which recognizes that cities are crucial in efforts to address poverty and development issues.

    2001. 469 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4738-1. SKU 14738. $30.00
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    Granting and Negotiating Infrastructure Concessions
    -J. Luis Guasch
    Little over a decade ago, infrastructure concessions promised to solve Latin America's endemic infrastructure deficit. Awarded in competitive auctions, these concessions were supposed to combine private sector efficiency with rent dissipation brought about by competition. Yet something did not go quite right, as concessions were plagued with opportunistic renegotiations, most of them at the expense of taxpayers. Granting and Renegotiating Infrastructure Concessions is a major contribution toward understanding what went wrong and what should be done differently in the future to reap the potential benefits of infrastructure reform and private participation in infrastructure provision.

    2004. 194 pages. ISBN 0-8213-5792-1. SKU 15792. $25.00
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    Infrastructure Strategies in East Asia: The Untold Story
    -Ashoka Mody, editor
    The papers presented in this account of infrastructure development strategies in East Asia were originally written as background material for the World Bank's World Development Report 1994: Infrastructure for Development. This book focuses on four key infrastructure sectors: transportation (roads, railways, ports, and airports); water, sanitation, and irrigation; electric power and other energy sources; and telecommunications.

    1997. 176 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4027-1. SKU 14027. $22.00
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    Perspectives on Globalization of Infrastructure
    -Frannie Léautier and Andrew C. Lemer
    This paper is an examination of the effect of globalization on infrastructure with examples of local projects.

    2003. 23 pages. Stock No. 37227. Full textPDF 391 KB

    A Primer on Efficiency Measurement for Utilities and Transport Regulators

    -Antonio Estache , Lourdes Trujillo , Sergio Perelman , Tim Coelli
    This book provides an overview of the techniques offered to regulators of recently “privatized” utilities and transport services. Designed as a starter kit, the book not only surveys the options available, but also provides guidelines as to how to chose between these options, identifying the costs and benefits of the various approaches in situations most relevant to regulators. It covers the measurement of efficiency in the context of a tariff revision aiming at redistributing at least some of the efficiency gains from the producers to the users. The book also addresses the challenges from comparative efficiency assessments allowing the introduction of yardstick competition.

    2003. 148 pages. ISBN 0-8213-5379-9. SKU 15379. $22.00
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    Transport Policy and Planning: An Integrated Analytical Approach
    -Brian Bayliss
    This documents describes a comprehensive transport model and demonstrates how such a model can be used to evaluate policies, to complare it with other kinds of models, and to examine the use of models in the wider context of policy objectives and instruments.

    1993. 79 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1944-2. SKU 11944. $22.00
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    Urban and Industrial Management in Developing Countries: Lessons from Japanese Experience
    -Jeremy J. Warford, Kazuhiko Takemoto, and Wilfrido Cruz
    This book summarizes the key features of Japan's work to resolve the urban and industrial pollution problems stemming from its rapid post-war industrial expansion. Drawing upon views expressed by Japanese and participants from other East Asian countries in an international workshop, this book identifies the main areas in which developing countries may profit from the Japanese example. The report also contains a series of short essays by Japanese experts on Japan's environmental management history, recent trends in Japanese environmental indicators, and summaries of key themes that emerged during the workshop.

    1998. 65 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4201-0. SKU 14201. $22.00
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