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    Public Policy

    Analytical Approaches to Stabilization and Adjustment Programs
    -Cadman Atta Mills and Raj Nallari
    This monograph is a nontechnical introduction to the analysis of stabilization and structural adjustment programs. Its objective is to facilitate discussions of issues related to the economic reform of open economies, and is intended for students of economics or policy analysts who are familiar with basic economic concepts. It provides an analytical framework for policy formulation to assist policymakers from the developing countries in negotiating World Bank/International Monetary Fund programs.

    1992. 144 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1943-4. SKU 11943. $22.00
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    Beyond Economic Growth: Meeting the Challenges of Global Development
    -Tatyana P. Soubbotina and Katherine Sheram
    What is development? How can we compare the levels of development attained by different countries? And what does it take to make development sustainable? This book offers no simple answers to these complex questions. Instead, the authors encourage readers to seek their own solutions by analyzing and synthesizing information on a range of critical development issues including population growth, economic growth, equity, poverty, education, health, industrialization, urbanization, privatization, trade, climate change, and more. The book, which draws on data published by the World Bank, is addressed to teachers, students, and all those interested in exploring issues of global development.
    2000. 48 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4853-1. SKU 14853. $25.00
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    Broadcasting, Voice, and Accountability: A Public Interest Approach to Policy, Law, and Regulation.
    by Steve Buckley , Kreszentia Duer , Toby Mendel , Seán Ó Siochrú , Monroe Price , Marc Raboy
    2008. 418 pages.  ISBN: 0-8213-7295-5     ISBN-13: 978-0-8213-7295-1     SKU: 17295  $35.00
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    Building Knowledge Economies: Advanced Strategies for Development
    -The World Bank 
    2007. 180 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-6957-1   $25.00
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    The Capital Inflow Problem
    -Peter J. Montiel
    This paper provides a broad overview of a capital inflow episode experienced by a large group of developing countries. Drawing on prior work by the author, various characteristics of the episode are reviewed, empirical literature on the factors driving capital inflows is surveyed, and the policy responses as well as macroeconomic outcomes in the recipient countries are examined.
    1998. 48 pages. Stock No. 37135. Full text. PDF 1.8 Kb

    The Civil Service System and Economic Development: The Japanese Experience
    -Hyung-Ki Kim
    This book presents the proceedings of a colloquium that examined the Japanese civil service, compared it with that of other countries, and drew lessons from Japan's experience. It also evaluates examples of successful practices and lessons learned from civil service reform in other countries. It looks at common denominators, analyzes differences, and proposes ideas for future reforms.
    1996. 70 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3170-1. SKU 13170. $7.00
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    The Development of Property Taxation in Economies in Transition: Case Studies from Central and Eastern Europe
    This book details the context within which policy decisions and objectives for the property tax system are made in the transitional economies of Central and Eastern Europe. It shows how these policy decisions evolve as a part of the transitional reforms still in process. This book offers the chance to review the experiences of transitional countries in initiating and implementing fiscal instruments during a decade of enormous transformations. The research for the case studies, included in this book, was sponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.
    2001. 112 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4983-X. SKU 14983. $22.00
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    The Economic Evaluation of Projects: Papers from a Curriculum Development Workshop
    -David G. Davies, editor
    This book presents the World Bank's simplified approach to project evaluation, including how project evaluation should be modified to take into account current economic situations in most countries. The volume highlights issues that arise in applying this methodology and how to resolve them. The two chapters that discuss approaches to teaching economic analysis will be of interest to educators and trainers.
    1996. 140 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3325-9. SKU 13325. $22.00
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    Enhancing China's Competitiveness through Lifelong Learning
    -Edited by Carl J Dahlman , Douglas Zhihua Zeng , Shuilin Wang  
    2007. 175 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-6943-1   $15.00
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    Enterprise Restructuring and Unemployment in Models of Transition
    -Simon Commander, editor
    This book sheds light on factors determining the shape and pace of transition. It primarily focuses on the behavior of firms and their interaction with the labor market. While finding significant variation across countries, the book points to major adjustments within firms, both in the remaining state sector and among firms that have been privatized.
    1998. 290 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4168-5. SKU 14168. $22.00
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    The Evaluation of Public Expenditure in Africa
    -Henry J. Bruton and Catharine B. Hill, editors
    This book examines the role of public expenditure in economic growth in Africa. It presents five country case studies that examine how institutions, perceptions, history, and culture have influenced decisions on government spending. The studies illustrate that government-spending decisions emerge from a wide range of considerations for which there are no simple rules.
    1996. 180 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3680-0. SKU 13680. $22.00
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    Exploring the Link Between Public Spending and Poverty Reduction: Lessons from the 90s

    -Vera Wilhelm and Ignacio Fiestas
    Public spending has the potential to affect growth and poverty reduction in two ways: it can raise the overall growth performance of the economy, and it can increase the chance of the poor to contribute to the growth process (mainly by strengthening human capabilities and reducing transaction costs). The critical challenge is how to strike the right balance between spending that focuses primarily on growth and spending that aims at reducing poverty.  But it is difficult to quantify the impact of public spending as its effects are complex and may vary depending on the composition of growth, policies and country conditions. 
    2005. 42 pages. Stock No. 37252. Full text 354 KB

    Fiscal Policy and Growth
    An Application to Sub Saharan Economies
    -Marcel Aloy, Blanca Moreno-Dodson, and Gilles Nancy
    This paper focuses on two main issues related to the conduct of fiscal policy in Sub-Saharan African countries:
    • Firstly, we analyze the trade-off among different public financing policies and their impact on growth, from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.
    • Secondly, we suggest a simple macroeconomic framework to asses the influence of fiscal policy on growth, with an application to Burkina Faso, Benin and Senegal.
    2003. 16 pages. Stock no. 37211. Full text PDF 688 KB

    Information and Public Choice: From Media Markets to Policymaking
    -Edited by Roumeen Islam
    2008. 248 pages.  $35.00  ISBN: 0-8213-7515-6     ISBN-13: 978-0-8213-7515-0     SKU 17515
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    Investment Climate in Brazil, India and South Africa: A Comparison of Approaches for Sustaining Economic Growth in Emerging Economies  
    -Qimiao Fan , Jose Guilherme Reis , Michael Jarvis , Andrew Beath , Kathrin Frauscher 
    2007. ISBN: 0-8213-7363-3    $20.00
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    Knowledge, Technology, and Cluster-Based Growth in Africa 
    -Edited by Douglas Zhihua Zeng  
    2008. 144 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-7306-4   $20.00
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    Macro Federalism and Local Finance
    -Edited by Anwar Shah
    2008. 360 pages. ISBN: 0-8213-6326-3  $35.00
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    Macroeconomic Management and Fiscal Decentralization
    -Jayanta Roy, editor
    This collection is designed to assist Chinese policymakers reforming China's system of intergovernmental fiscal relations. The book summarizes the approach adopted by a select set of industrial and developing countries in reforming center-state-local fiscal relations. It identifies the basic problems faced by the Chinese government and the lessons they may draw from the experience of other countries.
    1996. 264 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3409-3. SKU 13409. $22.00
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    Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Developing Countries
    -Pierre-Richard Agénor, C. John McDermott, and Eswar Prasad
    This paper documents the main stylized features of macroeconomic fluctuations and business cycle regularities for a group of 12 developing countries.
    1998. 51 pages. Stock No. 37119. Full text 2,083 KB

    Managing the Enterprise in Transition while Coping with Inflation
    -Dan Mozes, editor
    Much has been written about the causes of high inflation during the transition from a socialist to a market economy, and the policies used to control it. However, little has been written about the experience of the enterprise within the changing economy. This paper summarizes the discussions of a seminar hosted by the Economic Development Institute that discussed the methods an individual company can use to survive in an inflationary environment.
    1993. 44 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2725-9. SKU 12725. $22.00
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    Mexico's Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
    -Edited by Carl J. Dahlman , Yevgeny Kuznetsov
    2008. 184 pages.ISBN: 0-8213-6921-0    $20.00
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    New Trends in Public Sector Management in Health: Applications in Developed and Developing Countries
    -R. Paul Shaw
    New public sector management (NPSM) is concerned with injecting businesslike practices into public agencies so implementing change will be easier, more effective, and more permanent. This paper reviews the broad motivations behind NPSM, including intrinsic differences between public and private organizations that appear to impact on incentives and performance. It reviews experiences in selected OECD countries and describes the NPSM paradigm in terms of three building blocks that influence the performance of public agencies and the behaviors of employees who work for them.
    1999. 81 pages. Stock No. 37146. Full text 511KB

    Policymaking in the Open Economy: Concepts and Case Studies in Economic Performance
    -Rudiger Dornbusch, editor
    This book examines several areas of policy that critically influence economic performance: monetary policy, exchange-rate policy, financial reform, tax reform, and foreign capital. The conceptual discussions of these topics are complemented by several country case studies that illustrate the effects of various policy options.
    Oxford University Press. 1992. 272 pages.
    Hardcover ISBN 0-19-520884-6. SKU 60884. $29.00.
    Paperback ISBN 0-19-520985-0. SKU 60985. $22.00.
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    Policymaking on the Front Lines: Memoirs of a Korean Practitioner, 1945-79
    -Chung-Yum Kim
    This book presents first-hand experiences with economic, financial, and sectoral policymaking and implementation in developing economies from the perspective of the author, a leading figure in economic policymaking and implementation in the Republic of Korea during its formative years and its recent period of high growth.
    1994. 136 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3014-4. SKU 13014. $22.00
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    Post-Conflict Recovery in Uganda
    -Frank Warnock and Patrick Conway
    This case study was written to facilitate analysis of economic growth prospects in developing economies, with special emphasis on those emerging from military or political conflict. It is intended for use in a classroom.
    1999. Case: 34 pages. Stock No. 37152. Teaching Notes: 8 pages. Stock No. 37153. Full text case and teaching notes 244 KB

    Poverty in Russia: Public Policy and Private Responses
    -Jeni Klugman, editor
    This book is the first systematic analysis of Russia's poverty and living standards since the country's independence. Its primary goal is to quantify the nature and extent of changes in the welfare of Russians during transition and beyond.
    1997. 296 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3803-X. SKU 13803. $22.00
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    Privatization and Control of State-Owned Enterprises
    -Ravi Ramamurti and Raymond Vernon, editors
    This book partially answers a question that governments of developing countries addressed with renewed interest in the 1980s: What can be done to improve the performance of state-owned enterprises that play a prominent role in the economy and absorb substantial public resources? This book offers concepts and case studies involving two types of remedies that proved particularly important in developing countries in the 1980s.
    1991. 344 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1863-2. SKU 11863. $30.00
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    Public Expenditure Analysis: A Case Study of Lafrasia
    -Vinaya Swaroop and Holley Ulbrich
    The case of Lafrasia, a fictitious country, synthesizes the problems faced by a number of developing countries in public expenditure analysis. The two main objectives of the case are to create awareness among participants of the public sector problems faced by a typical developing country; and to help participants conceive and develop potential solutions to these problems. Teaching Notes available.
    1998. 23 pages. Case: Stock No. 37113 . Teaching Note: 37114.
    Full text case and teaching note 246 KB

    Recovery in not Enough: The Case of Ghana
    -Philip English
    The purpose of this case study is to help students understand one of the few success stories of economic growth in Africa during the 1980s and why it was not sustained in the 1990s. The case has been written to be accessible to both economists and informed noneconomists. This story concerns first of all Ghana's remarkable recovery, driven by some difficult but fairly straightforward reforms. It then goes on to explore the sources of the recovery and the underlying reasons why the growth rate began to falter, instead of rising to the levels necessary for significant, long-term poverty reduction.
    1999. Case: 17 pages. Stock No. 37149. Teaching Notes: 7 pages. Stock No. 37150. Full text case and teaching notes 224 KB

    Regional Economic Convergence: Do Policy Instruments Make a Difference?
    -Somik Lall and Serdar Yilmaz
    The relationship between public capital, regional output, and private-sector productivity has been an issue of considerable interest in the regional development literature. There have, however, been few studies that develop linkages between these issues and the broader literature on economic convergence. This paper presents an innovative methodology to examine the process of regional economic convergence across U.S. states. We examine the effects of economic variables such as human and public capital in the convergence process, and control for business cycle and region-specific effects in the analysis. Further, specification problems arising from spatial dependence are also addressed. Results from the empirical analysis show that the speed of convergence is influenced by region-specific characteristics and the availability of trained labor in neighboring regions.
    2000. 22 pages. Stock No. 37161. Full text 97 KB

    Restructuring and Managing the Enterprise in Transition
    -Roy L. Crum and Itzhak Goldberg
    This book introduces managers and teachers to some of the fundamental concepts of corporation financial management and closely related business disciplines. The primary focus of the book is the business enterprise and how to help managers make sound economic decisions within companies that create value for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and society in general.
    1998. 344 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3658-4. SKU 13658. $35.00
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    The Role of the State and Consequences of Alternative Forms of Public Expenditure Financing
    -B. Moreno-Dodson and J.M. González-Páramo
    This paper attempts to analyze the implications, for macroeconomic stability, growth and poverty reduction, of the choices made by governments to raise revenues in order to finance public spending. The analysis is preceded by a discussion of the role of the government and the rationale behind its attributed functions, since we believe that this configuration affects all public policy decisions made thereafter.
    2003. 50 pages. Stock no. 37225. Full text PDF 453 KB

    Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy for Sustained Growth to Breakthrough in the 21st Century
    -Achille Toto Same
    This paper provides an analytical framework, a nonconventional thought and economic policy to get Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) on a sustained growth path to breakthrough in the 21st century. It is critically important for the subcontinent to forcefully start the process of climbing the value-chain ladder and swiftly move into more manufacturing activities. This can be done in the early stage of its structural transformation by adopting and adapting existing technologies, while adjusting to the global demand and international trade, for sustained growth and poverty reduction. In addition, a development behavior-oriented leadership is vital to catalyze the process
    2007. 72 pages. Stock No. 37269. Full text 586 KB

    Subnational Data Requirements for Fiscal Decentralization
    -Serdar Yilmaz , Jozsef Hegedus , Michael E. Bell, editors
    This book summarizes the findings of needs assessment activities in five demonstration countries that are at different stages of fiscal decentralization: Bulgaria, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, and Ukraine. These assessments are part of a program on subnational statistical capacity building, launched by the World Bank Institute, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the Economic Development Center of the Soros Foundation.
    2004. 160 pages. ISBN 0-8213-5699-2. SKU 15699. $35.00
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    Unemployment, Restructuring, and the Labor Market in Eastern Europe and Russia
    -Simon Commander and Fabrizio Coricelli, editors
    This book describes, and analyzes in detail, the dramatic changes that have occurred as part of the transition from planned economies. The book also provides comparative analysis, using empirical findings to draw out important policy implications, and includes groundbreaking country studies.
    1994. 416 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2988-X. SKU 12988. $25.00
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