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    The Design and Management of Poverty Reduction Programs and Projects in Anglophone Africa
    -Michael Bamberger, Abdullahi M. Yahie, and George Matovu, editors
    Based on a seminar held in Kampala, Uganda, this report recounts the experiences of planners, managers, researchers, and trainers with social action programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The report identifies key issues in poverty alleviation and develops guidelines for improving the effectiveness and sustainability of poverty-alleviation programs. It describes lessons learned from project visits that helped to shape a followup training program at the regional and national levels.
    1996. 218 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2767-4. SKU 12767. $22.00
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    The Demand for Health Care in Latin America: Lessons from the Dominican Republic and El Salvador
    -Ricardo A. Bitran and D. Keith McInnes
    This document defines basic concepts pertaining to the demand for health care; illustrates the political relevance of knowledge about demand; compares patterns and determinants of demand in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and San Salvador, El Salvador; discusses the policy implications of the findings; and provides recommendations for government health officials.
    1993. 66 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2341-5. SKU 12341. $22.00
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    Economics for Health Sector Analysis: Concepts and Cases
    -Mead Over
    This training manual is designed to introduce students, especially those from developing countries, to simple economic tools in the analysis of health-sector projects. The manual can be used to supplement a course on the economics of health sectors in developing countries.
    1991. 214 pages. ISBN 0-8213-1335-5. SKU 11335. $22.00
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    Exploring the Link Between Public Spending and Poverty Reduction: Lessons from the 90s

    -Vera Wilhelm and Ignacio Fiestas
    Public spending has the potential to affect growth and poverty reduction in two ways: it can raise the overall growth performance of the economy, and it can increase the chance of the poor to contribute to the growth process (mainly by strengthening human capabilities and reducing transaction costs). The critical challenge is how to strike the right balance between spending that focuses primarily on growth and spending that aims at reducing poverty.  But it is difficult to quantify the impact of public spending as its effects are complex and may vary depending on the composition of growth, policies and country conditions. 
    2005. 42 pages. Stock No. 37252. Full text 354 KB

    Poverty Alleviation through Agricultural Projects
    -Emmanuel D'Silva and Kaye Bysouth
    This paper reports on a seminar in Bangladesh in 1990. Participants assessed Asian experiences in alleviating rural poverty and drew lessons from agricultural projects that successfully incorporated poverty and gender concerns in project design and implementation, as well as reviewed alternative approaches to alleviating rural poverty.
    1992. 76 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2200-1. SKU 12200. $22.00
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    Report on the Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Forum
    -World Bank Institute
    This report summarizes a WBI forum on Poverty, Inequality, and Vulnerability designed to discuss these issues as well as the policies, programs, and projects required to reduce their magnitude in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event sought to contribute to the World Development Report on Poverty and Development and also to generate a multi-sectoral discussion on poverty in the region. The report delineates the elements identified as priorities in a research agenda that should continue to refine the debate on the dimensions of poverty, inequality, and vulnerability, as well as the policies to fight them.
    1999. 53 pages. Stock No. 37144. Full text 309 KB
    Also available in Spanish, Stock No. 37145. Full text 297 KB

    Social Funds and Reaching the Poor: Experiences and Future Directions
    -Anthony G. Bigio, editor
    This document contains the proceedings from an international workshop convened to assess a decade's implementation experience of social funds and their impact on poverty reduction; to establish a broad consensus on their main achievements, weaknesses, and risks; to generate a set of recommendations for improving existing operations as well as for the design of future social funds; and to facilitate the integration of international and regional networks of social funds.
    1998. 258 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4209-6. SKU 14209. $25.00
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    Working Together for a Change: Government, Business, and Civic Partnerships for Poverty Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean
    -Ariel Fiszbein and Pamela Lowden
    This book summarizes the lessons from the first year of an ongoing learning program, Partnerships for Poverty Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean. The program's objective is to promote and facilitate collaboration among government, business, and civic organizations in initiatives to reduce poverty in the region.
    1999. 176 pages. ISBN 0-8213-4339-4. SKU 14339. $25.00
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