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    Private Sector

    Does Privatization Deliver? Highlights from a World Bank Conference
    -Ahmed Galal and Mary Shirley, editors
    This book examines 12 cases in which privatization produced significant economic gains. Cases from Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom show that privatization can provide substantial economic gains, given the right policies. The book shows that a developing country can increase its GDP by an average of 2.5 percent with the divestiture of half its public enterprises.
    1994. 140 pages. ISBN 0-8213-2589-2. SKU 12589. $22.00
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    Infrastructure Delivery: Private Initiative and the Public Good
    -Ashoka Mody, editor
    This volume explores the tensions that often exist between private initiative and the public interest. It draws on the lessons of experience with private delivery and emphasizes the importance of correctly assessing the competitive possibilities in different sectors, specifying the desired quality of service, and monitoring the actions of private providers.
    1996. 268 pages. ISBN 0-8213-3520-0. SKU 13520. $22.00
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    Investment Climate in Brazil, India and South Africa: A Comparison of Approaches for Sustaining Economic Growth in Emerging Economies  
    -Qimiao Fan , Jose Guilherme Reis , Michael Jarvis , Andrew Beath , Kathrin Frauscher 
    2007. ISBN: 0-8213-7363-3    $20.00
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    Learning Together with Clients: Private Sector Development Training and Consulting in Economies in Transition
    -Djordjija Petkoski
    This volume addresses the main issues of training and technical support for private sector development, particularly privatization, post-privatization restructuring, development and implementation of business plans, attracting strategic investors, and developing a country's vision of its economic future.
    1998. 67 pages. Stock No. 37112. Full text 392 KB

    Proposal for a Joint Venture between a Multinational Company and a Local Tobacco Factory
    -Djordjija Petkoski
    This case study uses an actual investment proposal brought to an Economic Development Institute seminar on private-sector development in transition economies. The case highlights some of the main decisions that should be made among the key parties to such an arrangement: the government, the local tobacco company management, and the management of the multinational company. Teaching Notes available.
    1998. 38 pages. Case: Stock No. 37124 . Teaching Notes: Stock No. 37125. Full text case and teaching notes 243 KB


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