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    Information and Communication Technology in Rural Development

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    Front Matter. PDF 111KB
    About the Editors; Acknowledgements; About the Authors; Preface

    Chapter 1. PDF 131KB
    Information Technology and Development: Foundation and Key Issues
    Subhash Bhatnagar

    Chapter 2. PDF 2,034KB
    Electronic Support for Rural Health-Care Workers
    Mike Graves and Naresh Kumar Reddy

    Chapter 3. PDF 133KB
    Technological Challenges of the Disaster Management Plan for the State of Maharashtra
    Krishna S., Vatsa

    Chapter 4. PDF 1,600KB
    IT at Milk Collection Centers in Cooperative Dairies: The National Dairy Development Board Experience
    Rupak Chakravarty

    Chapter 5. PDF 138KB
    Computer-Aided Registration of Deeds and Stamp Duties
    J. Satyanarayana

    Chapter 6. PDF 680KB
    Computerization of Mandal Revenue Offices in Andhra Pradesh: Integrated Certificate Application
    Asok Kumar

    Chapter 7. PDF 1,108KB
    Application of Information Technology for Rural Postal System
    Major. Ramakrishnan

    Chapter 8. PDF 2,637KB
    Networking Knowledge-Rich, Economically Poor People
    Anil K. Gupta, Brij Kothari, and Kirit Patel

    Chapter 9. PDF 111KB
    A Wired Village: The Warana Experiment
    N. Vijayaditya

    Chapters 10. 11. and 12. PDF 214KB
    Satcom for Extension Training
    B.S. Bhatia
    Satcom for Barefoot Women Managers
    Reema Nanavaty
    Effective Use of Information and Communication Technology for Physically and Socially Disadvantaged Groups
    Bhushan Punani

    Chapter 13. 14. and 15. PDF 131KB
    Same Language Subtitling for Literacy: Small Change for Colossal Gains
    Brij Kothari and Joe Takeda
    Inmarsat Experience in Village Telephony
    Raj Gupta
    Multipurpose Electronics and Computer Centers: Promoting IT-Centered Maintenance and Employment in Rural Areas
    Santosh Choubey

    Chapter 16. 17. and Annotated Bibliography PDF 183KB
    Emerging State-Level ICT Development Strategies
    Raja Mitra
    Useful Starting Point in Future Projects
    Robert Schware
    Annotated Bibliography


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