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    Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge sharing at the World Bank has evolved over time. From an early emphasis on capturing and organizing knowledge, its focus now is on adopting, adapting, and applying knowledge in a way that helps World Bank staff, clients, and partners work more effectively to reduce global poverty.


    Three toolkits which relate to knowledge sharing activities at the World Bank:
    Advisory Services Toolkit
    Communities of Practice (CoPs) Toolkit
    E-Discussion Toolkit


    Capacity Development and Bank Operations
    Capacity Matters: Operational Implications

    June 8, 2005, Washington, DC

    This event explored why capacity development programs succeed or fail in different areas and how these lessons can be applied to enhance the impact of future programs.

    2004 MAKE Award
      KNOW network
    For the fifth consecutive year, the Bank Group has been named as one of the world's top 20 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises. The award was made by Teleos, an independent knowledge management and intellectual capital research company. The Bank Group is the only non-private sector company to have made the list this year.


    Video Presentation
    The Next Frontier in Knowledge Sharing for Development

    This session from the conference "Restoring Global Balance Together" looks at the next generation of knowledge sharing in development agencies. Presented by Brendan O'Brien and Geoff Parcell.


    Knowledge Sharing for Development: A Learning Activity
    June 24-25, 2004, Washington, DC
    The website for this event includes a list of all participants and their bios (mostly knowledge management professionals from leading development agencies) as well as an agenda, and all of the learning materials used in the workshop. The workshop was co-sponsored by the World Bank, Bellanet, UNDP, and USAID.


    ldt videoAPQC recently published a profile of World Bank, 
    The World Bank Profile: Best Practices in Knowledge Management


    Last Updated: December, 2005

    What's New

    arrow_small_red.gifCapacity for Knowledge Management in Organizations (CKMO)
    While the World Bank has been informally sharing its lessons in knowledge management for years, it is now offering a new program to assist development-oriented organizations in building their KM capacity.

    arrow_small_red.gifWorkshop on Knowledge Management
     World Bank and the Brazilian Society of Knowledge Management (SBGC) conduct a two-day workshop in Recife, Brazil, November 3-4, 2005.

    arrow_small_red.gifWorld Public Sector Report 2005 - Unlocking the Human Potential for Public Sector Performance 
    The UN Public Administration Programme's recent publication features a chapter examining organizational learning, and knowledge sharing. See: Chapter VI: Promoting organizational learning in the public service

    arrow_small_red.gifNew Knowledge Management for Development Journal
    The KM4Dev Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed, community journal on KM in development - for and by development practitioners and researchers.
    arrow_small_red.gifPilot E-Leadership Workshop Launched 
    In June 2005, the University of Maryland, World Bank, U.S.AID, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cisco, and Avaya welcomed leaders to focus on intellectual and conceptual underpinnings and skills profile for a new type of development executive, the E-Leader.

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