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    Published by the World Bank Institute Evaluation GroupEvaluation Reports provide an in-depth look at evaluation studies conducted by the group. Drawing from WBI's evaluation experience, they give recommendations and good practice guidelines for development practitioners.  Evaluation Briefs provide a snapshot of the evaluation results and lessons learned.  

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    Evaluation Reports


    May 2009
    An Evaluation of the Foundations of Team Leadership Program  (PDF 448 Kb EG09-143) by Jaime Quizon, Sara Allermann Kruse, Sara Okada, and Oliver Rajakaruna. (request)

    January 2009
    Knowledge Products and Services Available to World Bank Staff in Fiscal Year 2008: A Review   (PDF 190 kb EG09-142) by Diana J. Arango, Violaine Le Rouzic and Anwesha Prabhu. (request)

    Measuring the Cost-effectiveness of World Bank Staff Learning Programs: A Think Piece   (PDF 80 kb EG09-141) by Marlaine E. Lockheed and Violaine Le Rouzic. (request)

    The Alignment of Staff Learning with World Bank Strategic Priorities: Phase 2 Assessment  (PDF 321 kb EG09-140) by Marlaine E. Lockheed and Violaine Le Rouzic. (request)

    January 2008
    What Can WBI Learn from the Participants, Task Team Leaders, and Systems Records of its Learning Activities?  A Review of Client Learning  (PDF 322 kb EG08-138) by Jaime B. Quizon, Cristina M. Ling, Joy Behrens, Basab Dasgupta, Oliver Rajakaruna, and Dawn Roberts

    Evaluation of the ECA Innovation Grant Fund, FY05-FY07  (PDF 482 kb EG08-137) by Heidi S. Zia and Antonieta Romero-Follette

    November 2007
    Formative Assessment of the Knowledge for Development Program   (PDF 173 kb EG08-136) by Cristina M. Ling and Dawn Roberts

    Perspectives on WBI's FY07 Performance in Focus Countries  (PDF 77 kb EG07-135) by Violaine Le Rouzic and Anwesha Prabhu

    Evaluation of the New Managers' Leadership Program (NMLP) - Phase II  (PDF 512 kb EG08-134) by Heidi S. Zia and Joshua Seth Wimpey(request)

    The Alignment of Staff Knowledge and Learning with the World Bank's Strategic Priorities: An Assessment  (PDF 481 kb EG08-133) by Marlaine E. Lockheed and Violaine Le Rouzic. (request)

    October 2007
    Assessing the World Bank's Pilot Program on Enhanced Disclosure (PDF 491 kb EG08-132) by Marc D. Shapiro, Ann Marie Spencer, and Richard Tobin.  (request)

    June 2007
    On the Access and Use by World Bank Staff of the ESW Knowledge Base (PDF 556 kb EG07-131) by Jaime B. Quizon and Oliver Rajakaruna. (request)

    Nonformal Staff Learning in the World Bank   (PDF 228 kb EG08-130) by Heidi S. Zia and Antonieta Romero-Follete(request)

    April 2007
    Annual Evaluation Review FY06  Effectiveness, Outcomes, and Quality of WBI's Learning Programs: What Does Evaluation Evidence Show? (PDF 155kb EG07-128) by Nidhi Khattri.

    Evaluation of the Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development Network’s Staff Learning Program in FY05 and FY06 (PDF 344kb EG07-127) by Dawn Roberts and Izlem Yenice. (request)

    Are There New Approaches to the Evaluation of Learning Programs? (PDF 220kb EG07-125) by David Evans, (request)

    Developing Multicultural Perspectives: An Evaluation of the World Bank's Cross-Cultural Training (PDF 413kb EG07-124). (request)

    March 2007
    The Effectiveness and Impact of WBI FY01-05 Activities: Results from 25 Focus Countries (PDF 240kb EG07-126) by Cristina M. Ling, Heidi S. Zia, Basab Dasgupta and Izlem Yenice.

    February 2007
    Evaluation of the Infrastructure Network's Staff Learning Program in FY05 and FYY06 (PDF 408kb EG07-123) by Dawn Roberts,  Izlem Yenice, Sara Kruse and James Fremming. (request)

    January 2007
    Evaluation of the Supplementary Education Criteria (SEC) Learning Program 
     (PDF 678kb EG07-122) by  Izlem Yenice, James Fremming and Zhengfang Shi. (request)

    November 2006
    Perspectives on WBI's FY06 Performance in Focus Countries (PDF 118kb EG07-121) by  Violaine Le Rouzic and Sara Okada

    June 2006
    Annual Review of Staff Learning: Lessons from Participants' Assessments of Quality in FY05 (PDF 2.1mb EG06-119) by Cristina M. Ling, Basab Dasgupta and Izlem Yenice. (request)

    May 2006
    Training on Bank Operations: A Review and Assessment (PDF 394kb EG06-118) by Chaoying Liu, Victoria Gunnarsson and Maureen E. McIntosh-Alberts.  (request)

    Cross-sectoral Learning in the World Bank's Staff Learning Programs (PDF 373kb EG06-116) by Zhengfang Shi, Xiaonan Cao and Tingting Yang. (request)

    February 2006
    Review of the World Bank Group's Staff Learning Framework (PDF 679kb EG06-112) by Dawn Roberts (request)

    An Evaluation of Shanghai Learning Experience: Impacts and Lessons Learned (PDF 546 kb EG06-115) by Jaime B. Quizon,  Chaoying Liu and Oliver Rajakaruna

    What Influences the Outcomes of WBI's Learning Programs? - Evidence from WBIEG Evaluations (PDF 380 kb EG06-117) by Chaoying Liu, Shreyasi Jha, Tingting Yang

    January 2006
    An Analysis of the Attributes of the Highly Rated Staff Learning Activities
      (PDF 539 kb EG06-114) by Cristina Ling Chard, Diana J. Arango, Shreyasi Jha. (request)

    November 2005
    Joint Client-Staff Approaches to Staff Learning: An Assessment   (PDF 301kb EG06-113) by Jaime B. Quizon, Victoria Gunnarsson and Oliver Rajakaruna. (request)

    August 2005
    Impact Evaluation of WBI Sector and Thematic Programs in FY02-03. Community Empowerment and Social Inclusion (CESI) (PDF 841kb EG05-111) by Heidi Zia, and Shreyasi Jha

    July 2005
    Evaluation of FY02-03 WBI Thematic Programs: Urban and City Management Program (PDF 636kb EG05-109) by Jaime Quizon

    June 2005
    The Joint Africa Institute: A World Bank Institute Review  (PDF 1.1mb EG05-110) by Osvaldo Feinstein Nidhi Khattri (Task Manager)

    April 2005
    An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Outcomes of WBI FY01-03 Activities: Results from 12 Focus Countries (PDF 746 kb EG05-108) by Jaime Quizon Nidhi Khattri Heidi Zia, and Victoria Gunnarsson

    Features of Staff Learning that Contribute to Effectiveness in the World Bank (PDF 373 kb EG05-107) by Marlaine E. Lockheed and Diana J. Arango. (request)

    Impact Evaluation of WBI Sector & Thematic Programs in FY02-03: Social Protection and Risk Management Learning (PDF 415 kb EG05-106) by Cristina Ling Chard and Shreyasi Jha

    December 2004
    Impact Evaluation of WBI Sector & Thematic Programs in FY02-03: Poverty and Growth  (PDF 2.2mb EG05-105) by Chaoying Liu, Shreyasi Jha, Stephan Van Praet

    Annual Review of World Bank Staff Learning FY04   (PDF 1.7mb EG05-104) by  Cristina Ling Chard, Diana J. Arango, and Shreyasi Jha. (request)

    November 2004
    Evaluation of New Managers' Leadership Program (PDF 525kb EG05-103) by Heidi S. Zia, Victoria Gunnarsson, and Michael Hanson.  (request)

    September 2004
    The Impact of WBI FY02-03 Activities on Participants from Burkina Faso: A Baseline Assessment (PDF 1.1mb EG05-102) by  Violaine Le Rouzic

    August 2004
    Learning Outcomes, Course Features and Learning Factors of WBI Client Learning Courses (PDF 2.6mb EG05-101) by Zhengfang Shi,  Violaine Le Rouzic

    Evaluation of the Human Development Network Staff Learning Programs (PDF 261kb EG05-100) by  Chaoying Liu, Maureen McIntosh-Alberts, Victoria Gunnarsson.  (request)

    Evaluation of the Human Development Forum 2003 (PDF 159kb EG05-98) by Chaoying Liu, Maureen McIntosh-Alberts, Victoria Gunnarsson.  (request)

    Impact Evaluation of Staff Learning in East Asia & Pacific and South Asia Regions Phase II Report (PDF 281kb EG05-94) by  Chaoying Liu, Yermal Shetty, Victoria Gunnarsson.  (request)

    July 2004
    Formative Assessment of WBI's Capacity Enhancement Strategy (PDF 6.6 mb EG05-097) by Nidhi Khattri and Fumika Ouchi

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    Evaluation Briefs

    April 2006
    Review of the World Bank Group's Staff Learning Framework   (PDF 416kb). (request)

    February 2006
    What Works In Four Thematic Programs  (PDF 200kb)

    November 2005
    What Contributes to Effective Staff Learning? (PDF 291kb). (request)

    June 2005
    Effectiveness and Outcomes of WBI Activities:  Results from 12 Focus Countries  (PDF 1.7mb)

    May 2005
    Science-Based Evaluations for Program Improvement  (PDF 1.5mb)

    April 2005
    Annual Review of World Bank Staff Learning FY04  (PDF 2.6mb). (request) 

    March 2005
    Trust Fund Learning and Accreditation Program: Short-Term Impact 
    (PDF 1.93mb). (request)

    January 2005
    Course Features that Help Participants Learn: Experience at the World Bank Institute
     (PDF 1.51mb)

    December 2004
    Quality and Impact of Programs Facilitated by the Global Development Learning Network
     (PDF 1.56mb)

    November 2004
    What Improves the Utility of WBI Activities? Evidence from Five Countries (PDF 2.4mb)

    October 2004

    Evaluation of the Multisectoral Team Learning Program: Phase 3 (PDF 1.9mb).  (request)

    August 2004
    Evaluation of World Bank Sector Fora, FY02 (PDF 2.3mb).  (request)

    July 2004
    A Country Retrospective Study: The Impact of WBI Client Activities, FY01-02, on Participants from Russia in FY03 (PDF 1.5mb)

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