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    World Bank Institute Evaluation Group

    WBIEG produces training, studies, indicators, and toolkits.

    To build capacity among World Bank clients and staff, WBIEG produces training in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and needs assessment methods.  WBIEG tailors courses to the needs of each group and includes follow-up technical assistance.

    To answer strategic, operational, and research questions about learning and capacity development programs sponsored by the World Bank Institute (WBI) and the World Bank's Knowledge and Learning Board (KLB), WBIEG had conducted a broad range of evaluation studies

    To help WBI and the learning community in the World Bank assess, monitor, and manage the quality of learning activities, WBIEG provides key performance indicators, notably:

    • Overall usefulness of WBI activities as reported by participants
    • Quality of staff learning as reported by participants

    To help training teams evaluate participant reaction and participant learning, WBIEG has developed toolkits:



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