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    It Takes Knowledge







    The It Takes Knowledge series examines development from a new perspective; the ability to create and access information, and how this impacts peoples' livelihoods, environment and health.



    Improving Livelihoods
    Improving Livelihoods takes viewers to Guatemala, South Africa, Brazil and Mozambique where computers and the Internet are connecting people to unprecedented economic opportunities. It also shows how effective, low-tech approaches to sharing knowledge are helping women in Mali, and fishermen in the Philippines, dramatically improve their livelihoods.
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    Preserving Our Environment
    Preserving Our Environment explores the role of knowledge for sustainable development, looking at efforts to save the biodiversity of Lake Malawi, reforest Nepal, and clean up polluted rivers of Colombia. It also examines how new knowledge is helping to preserve Tunisia's ancient cultural heritage—sometimes called the "built environment."
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    For a Healthier World
    For a Healthier World examines how access to health knowledge can make a difference between life and death—whether it is through the power of TV soap operas to raise awareness about AIDS in South Africa, radio programs that carry health messages throughout Nepal, health training of village women on the West Bank, utilizing satellite technology to battle the malarial mosquito in Belize, or applying traditional medical knowledge to fight modern diseases in China.
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