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    Development is sustainable when a broad base of society can understand and participate in the process. Television is a powerful tool to educate, empower, and enable viewers around the world to be a part of that process. Enter Global Links, an award-winning new television series which explores critical issues in economic and social development around the world, drawing on the vast knowledge resources of the World Bank.

    Global Links focuses on people—their compelling stories transcend nationalities and cultures to convey the human face of illiteracy versus education; disease versus adequate sanitation; and poverty versus economic growth. Their stories move and motivate viewers to better understand the human consequences of development and the critical issues of our time.

    Global Links is broadcast to television viewers primarily in developing countries. Video cassettes are also used for educational purposes in secondary schools, universities, and professional seminars. Currently the series is licensed to more than 60 broadcasters in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Each documentary (16 half-hour and 1 one-hour) is available in English, French, Spanish and an international version that can be dubbed into any language.

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