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    Evaluation Training and Advisory Services

    The World Bank Institute Evaluation Group (WBIEG) provides training and advisory services in monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Since 2000, our team of multinational experts has trained over 4,000 development partners representing almost 60 countries. Beyond training, we also provide M&E technical assistance and advisory services.
    Partners and participants 
    Courses are organized and offered in collaboration with World Bank partners, and most courses are offered in cities where the sponsoring partners are located. Our traditional partner organizations have responsibility for ensuring or contributing to M&E quality of development projects. Typical partner organizations include planning or other ministries, bilateral or multilateral agencies, training institutes, and other organizations interested in promoting M&E. Participants range in age and experience and are typically employed as project managers and directors, M&E specialists, technical specialists, and researchers. Our courses are useful for those who are just starting their careers and for seasoned professionals who wish to update their M&E skills.
    Focus of services 

    We specialize in program M&E. Our courses introduce fundamental M&E concepts, practices and tools, which participants can implement immediately or use as a foundation for more specialized or advanced M&E training. Our teaching approach includes instructor presentations, case studies, and peer learning through group projects, offered through videoconference or traditional, face-to-face formats. Course duration ranges from three to five days, with optional end-of-course “clinics.” These clinics involve our trainers and participant teams working together to develop or improve participants’ M&E plans and practices. Longer-term technical services can also be arranged.

    Beyond program M&E training, we also offer these specialized courses: Needs Assessment; Management-Focused M&E; and Qualitative Methods for Evaluation.

    What we teach 

    Our primary course, Monitoring and Evaluation for Results, covers common monitoring practices and options for evaluating projects, programs, or policies. Participants examine the fundamental concepts and methods of program M&E, selection of indicators and measurement strategies, determination of appropriate methods for collecting and analyzing data, communication of results, and good practices in managing evaluations. Participants work in groups to develop and apply M&E plans and tools to actual participant projects. In these group exercises, participants typically develop results chains (or program logic models) with indicators and measurement strategies, indicator monitoring plans, and evaluation design plans with the expectation that they will use these tools in their work.

    Our Monitoring and Evaluation for Results course has nine core modules along with optional modules that can be presented according to partner needs.

    Core Modules Optional Modules 
    • Terms of Reference for Evaluation
    • Evaluation Ethics
    • Evaluating Training Activities
    • Needs Assessment
    Our primary course materials are available in English, Chinese, French, Lao, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. Additional materials are available in Arabic and Vietnamese.
    Following our courses, (optional) clinics provide an opportunity for small groups of course participants (from the same agency) to meet together with our instructional team of M&E experts to discuss the specific M&E needs of the participating teams' projects. The agendas for the clinics are determined collaboratively by our M&E experts and the participating agency teams. Topics that could be covered in the clinics (usually of one to three days in length) include the following, depending on agency needs:
    • determination of indicators and measurement strategies;
    • development of logic models or monitoring frameworks;
    • reviews of existing monitoring and data management systems;
    • options for sampling;
    • strategies for data collection and analysis;
    • managing M&E functions and processes;
    • enhancements to reporting and evaluation utilizations; and
    • other topics to be determined by each agency.
    Fee arrangements are determined in collaboration with our partners.
    Partners interested in sponsoring a course 
    Prospective partners (e.g., government agencies, multilateral or bilateral agencies, NGOs, etc.) should contact us at the address below to learn more about sponsoring a course.
    Individuals interested in course participation 
    Generally, we do not offer “open registration” courses for individuals who are not affiliated with sponsoring partner organizations. However, individuals interested in M&E for development are invited to contact WBIEG to be on our course announcement distribution list. Just fill out this questionnaire and you will receive updates for upcoming courses.
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    Contact information 

    WBI Evaluation Group (WBIEG) Training
    1818 H Street, NW, J 4-401, Washington, DC 20433, USA
    (1) 202-473-8543
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