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    WBI established the Regional Coordination Team (RCT) in 2005 to work together with regional teams to develop a strategic approach to capacity development at the country level. WBI's objective is to support the Bank's capacity development agenda by leveraging existing partnerships in country, and helping to integrate capacity development into country-led development strategies.

    » Fiscal Year 2007 Focus Countries
    Focus Country Strategy and Selection

    For the past three and a half years, WBI has been pursuing a “Country Focus” strategy to enhance the impact of its programs at the country level and to better integrate with country and regional operations.  A key element of this strategy is to concentrate WBI activities in a selected group of "focus countries" and develop multi-year, country-specific programs, linking activities with operations, and evaluating impact.  Fourty-five (45) focus countries have been selected in consultation with the Regions, based on a number of criteria, most notably:

    • desire to maintain a mix of middle-income and lower-income countries;
    • high level of demand for WBI programs from clients and from country team; and
    • that knowledge and capacity development are key elements of the Bank’s country strategy.

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