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Target Regions and Countries

The Development Education Program is a global program whose online materials are accessed by people from nearly every country in the world. Although our primary focus is to interact with young people in developing countries so that they may be better equipped to take part in the development of their countries, we also value engaging with young people from more developed parts of the world.

In addition to the global products available on our web site, DEP has developed the following country-specific programs to meet regional and country demand:

  • Debate to Action: Building Capacity in Nigerian Youth Organizations  This most recent of DEP's country programs targets young leaders in the informal youth sector in Nigeria. In partnership with the British Council, DEP is helping young leaders to learn about the Millennium Development Goals, their country's poverty reduction strategy, and concepts of sustainable development. We are currently exploring other possibilities for delivering this program in the Africa Region.
  • Country Partnership Program  In partnership with country-based curriculum teams, DEP has produced customized versions of the Beyond Economic Growth book for Russia, Latvia, and Belarus. Through adding country-specific data and examples, these versions of the Beyond Economic Growth book encourage readers to focus on the specfic opportunities and challenges facing their countries.
  • World Education for Development  Together with the World Links ICT in education program, DEP delivered an 8-week distance learning course for secondary school teachers in Ghana and Uganda, "Integrating Sustainable Development and Technology into the Classroom." This program assisted teachers in developing classroom materials that focus on the specfic needs of their countries and communties using technology and active learning methods.


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