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We have many different types of people who come to this site. Some are very serious and want to get a strong foundation in development issues, others have some concern about their country's and community's future and want to improve their understanding of the issues, and still others are not really convinced that sustainable development is all that important, but their teacher or someone in their organization has pushed them to learning something about it. With that in mind, we have two different learning sites available, each with a variety of learning tools.

The first is DEPweb, which has learning modules that help users understand social, economic, and environmental issues of sustainable development using maps, charts, data, case studies, and many activities designed to "bring the numbers to life." There are teaching guides that go with these modules to help users get the most out of the materials. DEPweb also has links to the online version of the book, Beyond Economic Growth: An Introduction to Sustainable Development.

The second is Development Challenge which is an edu-tainment website. This site also explores social, economic, and environmental issues of sustainable development, but it does so using quizzes and other interactive features.

Visit both sites and let us know what you think!

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