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In addition to the work DEP does with schools, we also have partnerships with organizations that work in both the formal education system and informal education. Within these partnerships, we strive to help youth gain opportunities to understand the complexities of development, develop skills and habits that will benefit them and their communities in the long term, and help them find channels for effecting positive change.

Some of these activities and partnerships include:

Debate to Action
DEP and the British Council's Connect Youth program are partnering on a special pilot youth initiative in Nigeria. Youth leaders in existing organizations receive training in key development issues and peer education techniques. The participants then use their new knowledge, skills, and network to lead development discussions and debates with other youth organizations in their states. The development knowledge content is based on the Millennium Development GoalsBeyond Economic Growth book, and World Bank/Nigerian government lending and technical assistance priorities. more...

Glocal Youth Parliament gyp girlSince 2001, DEP has been an advisor to the Glocal Youth Parliament (GYP) based in Rome, Italy. The Glocal Youth Parliament is the youth arm of the Glocal Forum, a global urban partnership program. Two main projects of the GYP are Vision 2020--where young people have created their visions for their cities in the future--and We Are the Future which was launched in May of 2003. We Are the Future is a partnership between the Glocal Forum, the World Bank, and Quincy Jones's Listen Up Foundation. Its purpose is to train youth in six different conflict and post-conflict cities to work with children in their communities. The five focal areas of the We Are the Future program include: nutrition, health, computers, arts, and sports.  

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