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Teacher-Developed Learning Units

The DEP program had the privilege to work with a number of secondary school teachers from Ghana and Uganda who participated in our distance learning course entitled “Integrating Sustainable Development and Technology into the Curriculum.” During the course, the teachers learned about the concept of sustainable development and identified areas of their current curriculum where sustainable development could be integrated. Through a series of collaborative working sessions in multidisciplinary teams, teachers researched meaningful and recent resources (online and offline) in a wide range of media and developed learning activities that engage their students in learning about the social, economic, and environmental facets of sustainable development within their subject area.

The following learning units are examples of some of the work produced by these teachers. Each unit engages students actively in their own discovery of the topic and encourages them to think critically about how what they learn and the way they live can have an impact on the development of their county now and in future generations.

We invite you to use these units in your own classroom or use them as a guide to develop your own units that meet the specific needs of your curriculum and your students. Please send us your comments or your own teaching suggestions by using the feedback button available at the bottom of each page.

Learning Units

Note: Although the Curriculum Relevance reference for each unit pertains to Ghana's or Uganda's curriculum specificially, many of the objectives are relevant to other countries' curriculum.

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