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Debate to Action

A British Council/World Bank Pilot Learning Program


To strengthen the development knowledge base and information networks of already existing youth organizations. Specifically to enhance the capacity of young people in Nigeria to become active and effective in helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and other development goals of their country including improving their own livelihood opportunities, addressing the growth of HIV/AIDS among their peers, improving literacy skills, etc.


This project will be piloted in three Federal States in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, and Kano, with youth observers drawn from Rivers State. The first offering of the course will include 120 youth leaders drawn from 60 youth organizations (20 organizations in each state, 2 participants from each). organizations and their nominees will be selected to participate based on their successful application to the program (see bottom of page for information on how to apply).

Description of the Learning Program

Debate to Action is a 12-month pilot learning and implementation program. It focuses on peer education and empowerment of already existing Nigerian youth organizations to increase the development knowledge of young people throughout three Nigerian states.

The core 120 participants will attend a five-day workshop where they will receive training and exchange their own knowledge on key development issues and active learning techniques. Following this initial training, participant teams will return to their organizations to develop a 10-month Program Extension plan which will focus on peer education for their own and other youth organizations throughout their state. This six-week plan development stage will be supported by online work groups and instruction. At the end of this period, participants will attend a 2-day workshop to finalize plans and reinforce their support network. After the workshop, participants will return to their organizations and begin to implement their 10-month plans. At the close of the implementation period, participants will be brought together for a final workshop where they will report out on their experiences, critique the program, and assist in planning for replicating the program in other states.

The development knowledge content will be drawn largely from data on the Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria, DEP's book on comprehensive development Beyond Economic Growth, and outlines of agreements between the Nigerian government and the World Bank detailing the priorities for lending and technical assistance for Nigeria.


April-May 2004 Call for applicants
May 21, 2004 Deadline for applications
June 30, 2004 Participants selected and notified
September-October 2004 Training of trainers and Extension Program development
November-August 2005 Implementation of Extension Program
September 2005 Assessment workshop and completion of pilot

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