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For Teachers

While this web site encourages explorers of all ages to investigate on their own, it also offers guidelines and materials for more structured explorations.

For Teachers contains materials to help you explore content, methodology, and skills development related to education for sustainable development. From theoretical articles on action learning to sample teacher-developed learning units to actual activities linked to the DEP learning modules, this section attempts to make it easier for teachers to integrate sustainable development into your classroom.

Point of View

Since critical thinking requires that learners consider the sources of their information as well as the information itself, we believe it is important for our users to understand the point of view reflected in the DEP learning materials. You may wish to debate or discuss this point of view in your classes:

  • Economic development is a means to a better life for people everywhere, especially those living in low- and middle-income countries.
  • All countries, rich and poor, face environmental problems that are often closely linked with efforts to reduce poverty and improve people's standard of living.
  • The relationship between economic development and the environment is complex, and reliable data are often scarce.
  • Rising economic activity can both cause environmental problems and, with the right policies and institutions, help solve them.
  • Greater economic strength and higher standards of living in all countries contribute to a healthy, vigorous world economy.
  • The increased interdependence among countries that accompanies economic development has the potential to benefit all countries.
  • This interdependence means that meeting the needs of people today without jeopardizing our ability to meet the needs of future generations is an issue that affects all people in all countries.

We hope these materials are useful to you and your students and we welcome your feedback.

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