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The Governance group of the World Bank Institute (WBI) facilitates action-oriented and participatory programs to promote good governance and curb corruption in its client countries. Some documents that describe our work in more detail include:

  • An overview of the WBI Governance and Anti-Corruption program (download 35 kb pdf).

  • Detailed annexes on each component of the Governance and Anti-Corruption program and our country-oriented strategic focus (download 548 kb pdf).

  • Our 2001–2002 Learning Catalog with all of the Governance and Anti-Corruption activities (download 153 kb pdf).

  • The Learning Program Review Presentation from the October 25, 2001 program review meeting (download 608 kb PowerPoint Presentation).

For answers to common questions about the Governance group and the website, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database.

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