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The World Bank Institute's (WBI) thematic learning programs include courses, seminars, and policy advice on topics that are important to the international development process. They are normally tailored to specific country needs, but may also address global issues such as governance or knowledge for development. Aligned with the Millennium Development Goals and The World Bank’s corporate operational goals, these programs undergo extensive peer review and draw on state-of-the-art theory and practice. 

Governance & Anti-Corruption Programs focus on policy, data, capacity building and research:

Governance Diagnostic Capacity Building
The ability to monitor governance and its impact is a priority for developing countries that aim to strengthen the effectiveness of their government. This monitoring activity requires a multi-disciplinary national capacity, both human and institutional, which is weak in many developing countries. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of countries... more

Governance Data
The Governance group supports the collection, rigorous analysis, careful interpretation, and transparent dissemination of data for empirical research, capacity-building, and learning programs... more



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