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What is our strategy?

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Partnering with the rest of the World Bank Group, with outside organizations, and with the many stakeholders within client countries, WBI takes an integrated approach to capacity building, governance, and anticorruption. WBI’s governance and anticorruption strategy emphasizes:

  • Going beyond public sector dysfunction (the ‘symptom’) to assist countries in integrating institutional, regulatory and economic reforms (the ‘fundamentals’)

  • Implementing rigorous empirical diagnostics and analysis

  • Bringing about collective action, through participation and broad based bottom up coalitions

  • Building partnerships within countries, the World Bank Group, and other international or regional institutions

  • Moving beyond conventional training to knowledge dissemination, policy advice based on the latest research and operational findings, and participatory and consensus-building activities

  • Scaling up the impact of our activities, utilizing new tools for knowledge dissemination, innovating, and taking managed risks

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